National Assembly of Austin Island

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National Assembly
Term limits
2 years, no term limits
New session started
Laura hutcinson, people first party
Majority Leader/Coalition leader
lonnie lindt, green
Minority Leader
dill dickinson, conservative independents
Seats66 (70 including four new municipalities)
Political groups
     Eco-Libertarian Coalition 42 seats      liberal conservative group 24 seats
Joint committees
aging committee,judicairy committee
First-Past-The-Post (50 seats) Open List proportional Representation (16 seats)
Last election
October,29,2020 (66 seats)
Next election
april,8th,2021 (4 seats) July 2022 but term must expire on 11/1/22 (70 seats)
a assembly members duty is to protect the constitution
Meeting place
zoom and or legislation hall

The National Assembly of Austin Island is the unicameral legislature of the Republic of Austin Island. The National Assembly of Austin Island is composed of 66 members. Fifty of the sixty-six members are elected in single member districts (from 1-50) using first-past-the-post voting, and the remaining 16 members are elected by party lists. The National Assembly was supposed to be a bicameral legislature, but it was agreed that it would be a unicameral legislature, but the number of seats were supposed to be any where between 60 and 70 seats. The compromise was 66 seats with 50 constituency members and 16 list members.


Austin island has had legislatures in all of its entire history. there was the austin island congress, the assembly of people. on august,29th austin young the monarch decided to dissolve the kingdom and go more for a republic in the format of the united states. there was an arguement on the legislature beacuse the governing council didnot want the governor to have all of the power. the council agreed on a 66 member unicameral legislature. the legislature was collectively termed the national assembly and that is how the national assembly was born. on october,29th,2020 a coalition made up of third parties called the eco libertarian group won 42 of the 66 national assembly seats with the people first party taking 24, the greens taking 11,and the libertarians taking 7 of the coalitions seats. the coalition won 78% of the national assembly vote a high number of votes for a coalition in history.

Roles and duties

the roles and duties of national assembly members are to propose bills, vote on bills and to vote to confirm supreme court judges and to confirm some of the members of the austin island gubernatorial cabinet


fifty of the sixty six members are elected by first past the post voting which means that the most votes cast for a candidate will suffice in a single constituency. the remaining 16 members are elected by list proportional representation and filled by parties. the national assembly will expand to 70 after four new municipalities were added and each will have a consitiuency.

bills passed

governor youngs covid 19 proposal 64-1

municipal acts for four new municipalities 34-32