Parliament of Tavil Republic

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Parliament of Tavil Republic
1st Parliament
Term limits
1 year
Founded11 December 2020
Preceded byCourts (Senate and Chamber of Deputies)
Speaker of the Parliament
Seats300 MPs
2022 Tavil parliament.png
Political groups
  •   Tavil Democratic People's Party (113)
  •   Tavil National Party (95)


Party-list proportional representation
Last election
20 March 2022
Next election
19 March 2023
Meeting place
Atafu, Republic of Tavil

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The Parliament of Tavil Republic is the legislative body of the Tavil Republic. Formed in 2020 following the adoption of a new constitution, the Parliament as the nation's legislature. Much of the Parliament's structure, powers and procedure was formed by the Constitution of 2020.

The Parliament is composed of representatives elected from multi-member districts in the states, which unlike the self-governing states are directly administered by the central government. The authority of the Parliament, however, is still in force in the states and the legislature can topple any law passed by the states Legislative Assemblies. In this sense, the Parliament represents only a portion of Tavil Republic's population but still has say over the entire Republic.

Since 2020, the Tavil Republic Parliament has used a party-list proportional representation.

Powers and structure

The Parliament performs the normal functions of a legislature in a parliamentary democracy. It enacts laws, amends the constitution and appoints a government. The Constitution states the Parliament's function is that of the "foremost representative of the Tavilian people". Traditionally, the structure and organization of the Tavil Republic Parliament has been influenced by the Westminster system, a trend that has considerably fallen since the adoption of the latest constitutions in 2020.

The Constitution states that the Parliament must meet once every two months (ordinary meetings), though the President of the Parliament, the Prime Minister, or a third of all MPs may call for an extraordinary meeting. In practice, most extraordinary meetings are called by the President at the request of a group of MPs. The first session of a new Parliament must be presided over by the President. Parliamentary work usually takes places in the various commissions in which the chamber is divided.


The Parliament is chaired by a President, who is voted on by members of the Parliament. The position was created by the 2020 constitution; before that, the Prime Minister was encharged with chairing each Parliament session. The President of the Parliament counts with a single deputy, the Vice President, who typically belongs to the President's party. The President of the Parliament typically belongs to the party which holds the majority of seats in Parliament, and as such, is also typically a member of the ruling party. The current President is Félix Harribal.

Opposition forces are usually led by a Leader of the Opposition, whose position is not mentioned in the constitution or any law, but has existed de facto since the formation of Tavil Republic.

The following MPs have been Presidents of the Parliament since the position's formation in 2020:

# Name Parliament Party Constituency
1 Felix Harribal 11 December 2020 - 22 March 2021 Tavil Democratic People's Party Atafu
2 Jackie Madison 22 March 2021 - Incumbent Tavil National Party Atafu
Jackie MadisonFelix Harribal

The following MPs have been Leader of the Opposition since the position's formation in 2021:

# Name Parliament Party Constituency
1 Racheal Juan 22 March 2021 - 9 June 2021 Tavil Communist Party Atafu
2 Noah Fischer 9 June 2021 - 21 March 2022 Tavil Communist Party Atafu
3 Kevin Benito 21 March 2022 - Incumbent Tavil Workers Party Atafu
Kevin BenitoNoah FischerRacheal Juan

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