Berdwind States

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Berdwind States
Berdwind state.png
CountryRepublic of Tavil.png Republic of Tavil
Established19 Nov 2020
 • Governor of Berdwind StatesFrancisco Rosas Colomer (N/A)
 • Total282
Time zoneUTC+01:00 (UTC)
City of Tavil Republic

Berdwind States is one of the Cities of Tavil Republic, region, has currently a population of 1. Republic of Tavil declared its independence in Berdwind on 7 December 2020.


Porto Rico


Levels of alert

Alert level Color Significance Measures taken
White No danger No danger.
Yellow Vague threat / Raise vigilance Raise security levels to face real yet still uncertain dangers, through measures that are local and minimally disruptive of normal activity, while preparing to switch to "orange" or "red" within a few days.
Orange Possible threat / Prevent action or Attack Take measures against plausible risks of adverse action, including the use of means that are moderately disruptive to normal public activities, while preparing to switch to "red" or "scarlet" on short notice where possible.
Red High chance of threat / Prevent serious Attack Take measures against a proven risk of one or more adverse actions, including measures to protect public institutions and putting in place appropriate means for rescue and response, authorizing a significant level of disruption to social and economic activity.
Scarlet Definite threat / Prevent major Attack Notification of a risk of major attacks, simultaneous or otherwise, using non-conventional means and causing major devastation; preparing appropriate means of rescue and response, measures that are highly disruptive to public life are authorized.
State of Emergency Exceptional level The President may by order impose the state of emergency. This allows to give full powers to the government and the army for a period of 7 days, renewable at will. During these periods, the elections are suspended.

History of alert levels

Date Level Description
19 Nov - 1 Dec 2020 White No danger.
1 Dec 2020 - present Red On December 1, 2020, a heavy fire was opened on the state of Berdwind States. No one was injured in the incident, but the government raised the emergency level to state 3 in Berdwind States in case there could be a possible attack again. After the incident, the government launched an investigation.

Twin cities

Republic of Tavil.png Tawil , Tavil Republic

Flag of Greece.svg Atina , Greece

Republic of Tavil.png Belkıs , Tavil Republic