Constitution of Earth's Kingdom

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Following the meeting of the King (Antonio I), the Adviser (Gianmarco Buomprisco), the Head of Government (Gerardo Di Tore) and a witness (held on 21 April 2020), the Constitution of the Earth's Kingdom was approved, consisting of 15 articles.


Below are the 15 articles of the Constitution of Earth's Kingdom approved definitively on 1 June 2020.

Art. 1

Earth's Kingdom is a peaceful and neutral Micronation without any territorial claim. The purpose of this micronation is to group all the civilizations and cultures scattered around the Earth into a single large family: the Humanity. "

Art. 2

“Earth's Kingdom is a Constitutional Monarchy. The King's Advicer remains in office for 1 year and 3 months, while the Head of Government for 1 year. "

Art. 3

“The throne is hereditary according to the Salic law. The King can therefore abdicate in favor of his son. In the event that the King remains without successors, it is possible to entrust the title to a close family or in any case close to the Di Martino family. "

Art. 4

"The right to have citizenship of the Earth's Kingdom is guaranteed to all those who request it, by registering on the Official Site, or following our Instagram Page."

Art. 5

"The Earth's Kingdom does not have a state religion, in fact it is a laic state, but tolerates all religions."

Art. 6

"There is the absolute prohibition on using the Titles, Symbols and the name of the Earth's Kingdom for the purpose of illegal actions."

Art. 7

"The motto of the Earth's Kingdom is "Uniti et Liberi", while the national anthem was composed by the King himself (Op. 6 No. 1,2), for orchestra, in A minor."

Art. 8

“The flag of the Earth's Kingdom is made up of three vertical bands of light green (which indicates the earth), yellow ocher (which indicates the sand) and light red color (indicating fire), and on the central band it presents the symbol of the Kingdom, that is the Crowned Earth.

Art. 9

"The Earth's Kingdom adopts all existing languages, but, for everyone's understanding, the language used to communicate with citizens is English."

Art. 10

“The official currency of the Earth's Kingdom is the Earth's Lire, which cannot be used in any other Country. It only has value in our State. "

Art. 11

"All those who have citizenship of the Earth's Kingdom have the duty and the right to promote the State and its proclamations."

Art. 12

“All citizens are equal for us and for everyone; they have equal social dignity, and have no distinction of sex, race and religion. We are Humanity."

Art. 13

"The Noble Titles of the Earth's Kingdom have no legal value in any other country, and cannot be used for illegal acts, such as the right of succession."

Art. 14

"Those who adhere to the Earth's Kingdom are in no way free from the laws and impositions of their countries of origin."

Art. 15

"The National Day of the Earth's Kingdom is 18th April, to commemorate the birth of the micronation, but all the national days of the countries of origin of the citizens of the state are recognized."