King's Advisers of the Earth's Kingdom

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King's Advisers of
Earth's Kingdom
King's Advisers of Earth's Kingdom
From 19 April 2020
To actual
Attual exponent Gianmarco Buomprisco
In Office 19 April 2020 - Actual
Politic Party Earth's Democratic Party

The King's Advisers of Earth's Kingdom are the Advisers of the King that succeeded from the 19 April 2020, the first election of the King's Adviser of Earth's Kingdom.
The first King's Adviser is Gianmarco Buomprisco, the current Advicer, who was elected on 19 April 2020.

List of the King's Advicers of Earth's Kingdom

Coat of Arms King's Adviser name Ancestry (Family) In Office Election day
King's Adviser Arms - Buomprisco (Earth's Kingdom).png Gianmarco Buomprisco Buomprisco 19 April 2020 - actual 19 April 2020