Kings of Earth's Kingdom

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Kings of
Earth's Kingdom
Kings of Earth's Kingdom
From 18 April 2020
To current
Attual exponent Antonio I
Reign 18 April 2020 - current
Titles Kings of Earth's Kingdom,
Dukes of Martinopoli

The Kings of Earth's Kingdom are the Kings that succeeded from the 18 April 2020, the proclamation of the Kingdom, at the throne of the Earth's Kingdom.
The founder of this Kingdom's Succession is Antonio I, the current King, who proclamed it on 18 April 2020.

List of the Kings of Earth's Kingdom

Coat of Arms - - King name - - Ancestry (Family) Reign Sons
King Alessandro I Arms (Earth's Kingdom).png Alessandro I Di Martino as King Father Antonio I
Earth's Kingdom's arms.png Antonio I Di Martino 18 April 2020 - current -