Duchy of Martinopoli (E.K.)

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Duchy of Martinopoli
(Earth's Kingdom)

Earth's Kingdom Firts Flag.png
Flag of Earth's Kingdom
Arms of Martinopoli's Duchy (Earth's Kingdom).png
Arms of Duchy of Martinopoli

Uniti et Liberi
Free and United
World Royal Anthem
Op.6 No.1-2, Antonio Di Martino
Official language(s)All the languages of the World
Most spoken: English, Italian.
Official religion(s)All the religions of the World
Most practiced: Christianity.
Short nameMartinopoli
DemonymMartinopolian (English)
- DukeAntonio I
- Duke's AdviserThere aren't advisers
- Head of Governmentthe same of the Earth's Kingdom
LegislatureGreen and Blue Commission
- Type - Unicameral
- Number of seats - 6
- Last election - 20 April 2020
Established19 April 2020 (current)
Population16 (including non residents)
CurrencyEarth's Lire
Time zoneall
Part of the Federation of States of Earth's Kingdom

The Duchy of Martinopoli, officially the Duchy of Martinopoli (Earth's Kingdom), is an administrative division of Earth's Kingdom, more precisely a Member State of the Federation of Earth's Kingdom States, and is located in the Macro-Region of Agri Felix.
According to an article published by Antonio I (the King -as well as the founder- of Earth's Kingdom), the Dukes who will succeed in this Duchy will be the Kings of the Kingdom in office.
The Duchy of Martinopoli is the largest member state of Earth's Kingdom. As a result it has more citizens.


The name of this Duchy derives from the original name of the Ex-Capital, Martinopoli.


The Duchy of Martinopoli was founded one day after the proclamation of Earth's Kingdom, when the King (Antonio I) and the Green and Blue Commission decided to divide the State not into regions, but into Federal States.
Being part of the Earth's Kingdoms, it adopts the same legislative systems (etc ...).

List of the Dukes of Martinopoli

Coat of Arms - - Duke name - - Ancestry (Family) Period Sons
Coat of Arms of Antonio I of Martinopoli.png Antonio I Di Martino 19 April 2020 - current -