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Monarchist Christian Communist Republic of West Moravia

Libertas et aequalitas Fratrum (Latin: Freedom, Equality and Brotherhood)
On rev'rent knee we praise thee by BTH Braddock
Capital city Leninurbo
Largest city Chernyshevskyville
Official language(s) English, Esperanto
Official religion(s) Christian, unspecified
Short name West Moravia
Demonym West Moravian
Government Monarchist Christian Communist Republic
- Secretary-General of the Collective Leadership HE B. Braddock, Secretary-General of the Collective Leadership
- Presiding Officer of the UNPLS Rt Hon E Rutherford
Legislature United National People's League of Sovereignty (UNPLS)
- Type - Unicameral
- Number of seats - 6
- Last election - West Moravia national election, January 2018
Established 1 January 2018
Area claimed 1.34 sq. km. (approx)
Population 27
Currency Pound Sterling (GBP)
Time zone UTC+5
National sport Croquet
National animal Cat
Patron saint St. Jerome

The Republic of West Moravia is a micronation founded on 1 January 2018.

Government and Politics

State Ideology

West Moravia is a Christian Communist Republic. Christian communists hold the biblical verse Acts 4:32–35 as evidence that the first Christians lived in a communist society. Acts 4:32–35 reads: "All the believers were one in heart and mind. No one claimed that any of their possessions was their own, but they shared everything they had. With great power, the apostles continued to testify to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. And Gods grace was so powerfully at work in them all that there were no needy persons among them. For from time to time those who owned land or houses sold them, brought the money from the sales and put it at the apostles' feet, and it was distributed to anyone who had need"

Christian communism is not merely based on the principles of the early apostles. In fact, Christian communists claim that anti-capitalist ideals are deeply rooted in the Christian faith. While capitalism had not yet formed in the time of Christ, his message was overwhelmingly against the love of money (greed) and in support of the poor. The principles of Christ are seen by Christian communists as staunchly anti-capitalist in nature. Christ taught that the love of money was the root of many evils, by that logic it seems only natural for Christians to oppose a social system founded entirely on the love of money as Christian communists claim.

Government Office Holders (as of current date)

Secretary-General of the Collective Leadership - B Braddock (CDL) (1 January 2018-)

Deputy Secretary-General; Administrative Affairs - Sir J Richardson (CDL) (23 May 2019-; Deputy Sec-Gen 4 June-)'

Presiding Officer of the UNPLS; Matriarch of the Earth - A Moodley (GPWM) (4 June 2019-)

Chairperson of the Collective Leadership - E Rutherford (CDL) (4 June 2019-)

Ambassador-General - E Rutherford (CDL) (4 June 2019-)

Defence, Foreign Affairs and Public Safety - Sir C Pichler-Roca (CDL) (23 May 2019-)

Environmental Affairs & Rescoursces; Equality - A Lindsay (GPWM) (4 June 2019-)

List of Governments

First Braddock (Transitional) Government (Independent) - 1 January 2018 - 1 May 2019 (486 days)

Second Braddock Government (NCCL) - 2 May 2019 - 3 June 2019 (33 days)

Third Braddock Government (NCCL/CDP) - 4 June 2019 -

Notable Citizens

Since its creation, several notable people have become citizens of West Moravia. These include A Moodley and A Lindsay became the first members of the OFVZ (Order for Feminist and Veganist Zeal), the violinist, pianist and organist M. Lei (2005/6), among others. Lei was created a citizen by act of Presidential Court (Citizenship Division) on 2 May 2019 and presented with Order of Moravian Civic Prowess (OMCP), First Class, on 3rd May the same year. On 20 May 2019, several other British nationals were made citizens of West Moravia. They include the celebrated chorister-cum-hockey-goalkeeper T Bowen, the musician C Pichler-Roca, the trumpeter J Richardson, the unique eccentric T Elwes, and the percussionist U Adelagun. They were all gifted the OME (Order of Musical Excellence), and additionally, Bowen became the first recipient of the OSAE (Order of Sporting Achievement and Excellence) and Richardson and Pichler-Roca became recipients of the OMCP, the second and third such persons to become recipients of the order. On 21 May 2019 T Elwes was knighted. On 23rd May, C Pichler-Roca and J Richardson were knighted for their roles in the 2019 Constitutional Crisis. On the same day, the Presidential Court decreed that the number of persons knighted would be limited to 3, which was increased to 4 on 4 June 2019. On the same day, M Lei was knighted.

2019 Constitutional Crisis (21 May - 4 June)

On 22 May, one day after her acquittal to the West Moravian National Gaol, the British Affairs Secretary, A Moodley, petitioned the Secretary-General to appeal her case. The following day, the then secretary for External Affairs, J Richardson, met with the Secretary-General to discuss the petition made by the British Affairs secretary. They agreed that since Moodley was not responsible for Internal Affairs, but British Affairs, and that she was a holder of a government office at the time she could not appeal towards her own role. They also agreed, along with C Pichler-Roca, that Moodley should be released from her de facto sentence but not to continue to hold the office of British Affairs secretary. Instead, she would become the first secretary for Environmental Affairs & Resources. On 23rd May, this came into force. The Secretary-General stepped down from his role as secretary for Internal Affairs and a new role, secretary for Administrative Affairs, was taken by Richardson. Furthermore, the posts of secretary for British Affairs and secretary for External Affairs were amalgamated into the position, 'Secretary for Defence, Foreign Affairs and Public Safety.' Pichler-Roca was appointed as the first holder of this post on 23 May 2019. On May 24th, Moodley asked that she might be given responsibility for Equality in addition to her other post; this was duly granted on the same day by the Secretary-General.

On May 25th, the Secretary-General called for a National Election to be held on June 4th, saying, 'we need to find ways to fix this current crisis and in my opinion, the best way to do that would be to hold a National Election.' Two parties have fielded candidates - the National Christian Communist League, fielding the Secretary-General, B Braddock, the secretary for Administrative Affairs, Sir J Richardson, the secretary for Defence, Foreign Affairs and Public Safety, Sir C Pichler-Roca, the Presiding Officer of the UNPLS, E Rutherford, the Chairperson of the Collective Leadership and Ambassador-General, M Sharp, and C Bourne. The Green Party have fielded A Moodley, A Lindsay and S Crawford. The election will use a closed-list d'Hondt method to calculate the number of seats in the UNPLS allotted to each party. Election results were declared for the Gloucester Ward on May 26th, and results for the other wards will be declared on 4th June due to the Half-Term Recess.

The Secretary-General either re-elected or newly elected to that post is then due to appoint positions to the UNPLS between the 4th and 7th of June. The new parliament will then begin it's sitting on June 10th.

During the Election Campaign, on June 2nd, the Secretary-General announced that he would appoint Sir J Richardson as Deputy Secretary-General and Presidential Aide-de-Campe if the National Christian Communist League won the election. He also announced that the NCCL, following the election, would be renamed as the 'Civic Democratic Party' (CDP).

Election Results

Gloucester Ward - National Christian Communist League; 3 votes (75.00%); Green Party; 1 votes (25.00%)

Dean Close Seven Ward - National Christian Communist League; 3 votes (75.00%); Green Party; 1 votes (25.00%)

Dean Close At-Large - National Christian Communist League; 2 votes (66.67%); Green Party; 1 votes (33.33%)

Dean Close Eight Ward - Green Party; 4 votes (66.67%) National Christian Communist League; 2 votes (33.33%)

Total Votes - 17

Turnout - 62.96%

Outcome - National Christian Communist League; 10 votes (58.82%); Green Party; 7 votes (42.18%)

Seats in UNPLS - National Christian Communist League; 4 seats; Green Party; 2 seats

Ensuing Government - Third Braddock Government

Ensuing Secretary-General - B Braddock

Following the election results, B Braddock, J Richardson, C Pichler-Roca, E Rutherford, A Moodley and A Lindsay were sworn into the UNPLS. Braddock and Pichler-Roca continued on in their posts, J Richardson was appointed Deputy Secretary-General in addition to his role in Administrative Affairs. E Rutherford became Chairperson of the Collective Leadership and Ambassador-General. Moodley became Presiding Officer of the UNPLS and Matriarch of the Earth. Lindsay filled Moodley's position in the previous government.

Members of Chivalric Orders (as of current date)

Order of Moravian Civic Prowess (OMCP) - B Braddock, M Lei, J Richardson

Knighthoods - T Elwes, J Richardson, C Pichler-Roca, M Lei

Secretary-General's Badge of Merit (SGBM) - B Braddock

Order of Musical Excellence (OME) - M Lei, J Richardson, C Pichler-Roca, B Braddock, T Bowen

Order of Feminist and Veganist Zeal (OFVZ) - A Moodley, A Lindsay

Order of Sporting Achievement and Excellence (OSAE) - T Bowen

Official Title of the Secretary-General

His Excellency the Right Honourable Benedict Braddock, Secretary-General of the Collective Leadership of West Moravia, Patriarch of the Church of West Moravia, Order of Moravian Civic Prowess, Secretary-General's Badge of Merit, Order of Musical Excellence, Member, United National People's League of Sovereignty, Esq.

National Anthem

The National Anthem of West Moravia was composed by B Braddock and S Crawford in November 2018.

On reverent knee we praise thee,

Our saviour, lord and king,

Who sacrificed his only son,

Of whom our praises sing.

Protector of our nation,

Lord of our deep blue skies,

O keeper of our pleasant land,

O here our joyous cries.

O Lord our God who of old,

Didst not put us to dismay,

We pray that you may keep our hearts

Turned towards you every day.

Today we share our precious gifts,

Just as you told us to,

O help us to live blameless lives,

We give our thanks to you.

Law and Order

The West Moravian Judicial System consists of three lower courts, the high court and the presidential court. The lower courts are used for smaller offences, the high court is used for larger offences or long-going allegations, and the presidential court is used for offences like foreign interference and offences which may have caused the government to break down in any way. The courts have never been used since they were set up shortly after the founding of West Moravia. West Moravia has a small police force of 6 and their many works are in the border control sector.

Relations with the United Kingdom

Relations with the United Kingdom are extremely good at the time of writing. The British Embassy in West Moravia and the West Moravian Embassy in Britain between them have two West Moravian and two British diplomats. Between the 3rd and the 6th of April the then President of West Moravia embarked on a State Tour of North London, accompanied by the Deputy British Ambassador to West Moravia, Lt.-Cl. L. Phillips.

Relations with other countries

The Supreme Leader of West Moravia has visited a number of countries during his tenure-ship. These include France and Holland. There are Diplomatic Commissions in West Moravia between the Czech Republic, Morocco, Egypt, Argentina, India, New Zealand, Peru and Mexico. The Ambassador General of West Moravia is E Rutherford.


West Moravia has a core Military Team of 11, including 6 police officers. Their main duties include working at Border Control. Since March the Military Team has been involved in the DCCL uprising.

Geography and Climate

West Moravia has warm summers and fairly cold winters. The nation is mild with temperatures not much lower than 0ºC in winter and not much higher than 32ºC in summer. West Moravia is located on the third floor of a house of Gloucester, UK.


West Moravia has a small economy, the total internal GDP being around £120 per annum. However, the external GDP is around £50 000. West Moravia's exports total around £15 per annum, the main export being lavender bags and souvenirs. The main imports include bedding, books and food substances. West Moravians make their money in businesses such as handicrafts, the civil service and food. West Moravia, by World Bank figures, is the 163rd richest country in the world, having a GDP per Capita of around £2 005 per annum, ahead of Afghanistan but behind Rwanda. However, 94% of West Moravia's population is below the absolute poverty line, meaning that they earn less than $1 a day.