Princess Anne Land

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Republic of Princess Anne Land
Flag of Princess Anne Land.png
COA of PAL.png
Coat of Arms

PAL loc.png
Princess Anne Land's location within the United Kingdom
Capital city Riverside
Official language(s) Geordie English
Demonym Princess Anne Lander(s)
Lander(s), Pal(s) (informal)
Government Parliamentary democracy with a constitutional monarchy
- Monarch Elizabeth II
Legislature Parliament
Established 1 July 2005
Area claimed 0.43 km² (0.17 sq mi)
Population 36 (2019 census)
Currency PAL pound (£)
Time zone UTC±00:00

Princess Anne Land (PAL) is a micronation and self-proclaimed Crown dependency which claims territory in The Princess Anne Park in Washington, Tyne and Wear in the United Kingdom.