Old Kingdom of Luana

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Kingdom of Luana
Flag of Old Kingdom of Luana
Coat of arms of Old Kingdom of Luana
Coat of arms
Motto: Nihil Sine Spe!
Glorie Luanei!
Anthem: "[link WIP ]"
LocationLocations of the kingdom
CapitalIslo (Crâng Prefecture)
Largest cityBozioru
Official languagesRomanian,
Demonym(s)Luanian (English) Luan (Romanian)
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
• King
A. I of Luana
LegislatureNational Assembly
Establishment28 August 2019
• Census
Time zoneEET
EEST (summer time)
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Luanian Royal Administration

Luana, officially the Kingdom of Luana (Romanian: Regatul Luanei), also known as Abristan, was a Romanian micronation founded on 28 August 2019 by His Majesty A. I of Luana. It claimed two regions, surrounded entirely by Romania.
The nation was a Monarchy led by the Luanian Dynasty of Tudor. The King for the whole life of Luana was A. I of Luana. Luana was divided in prefectures, cities and communes(communes being divided in villages).
On the micronational stage, Luana had diplomatic relations with multiple countries.

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Somewhere in the spring of 2016, Luana's predecessor, Insula(or Insularria) was formed by A. I of Luana. At the time,Alessandro didn't know the meaning of a micronation but he still established a somewhat similar thing.After a long period of wars,revolts and more we reach 13 June 2019 which is believed to be the death of Insula because of lack of activity.The Insula period is to be remembered and it played a big role in the formation of Abristan.
It is to be mentioned that another kind of micronation was formed shortly after the death of Insula, named Transila but it quickly died.In the short time Transila existed it managed to get 4 members and do some things such as passports,have a capital,a government etc.
During summer 2019 A. learned what a micronation is and learned about his luanian descent so he began to lay the bases of Abristan with the most loyal member from the earlier Insula and Transila. Abristan was unoficially founded on 28 August and since then had made a lot of achievements and was continuously improving.
On the 10th of October 2020, Abristan formally declared independence.
During October 2020, Abristan would become the continuation of the old legend of "Tara Luanei" and be renamed to the Kingdom of Luana.
On the 1st of February 2021 , Luana becomes an autonomous prefecture in the newly formed micronation Romanian Royal Provisional Administration.


The government in Luana is led by the Monarch, who shares executive power with his Counselors(Counselors are luanian ministers), and the legislative power with the Luanian National Assembly.The monarch has the possibility to enact his full absolute power once a month, through a decree, or if completely necesary such as in emergency situations.The king can also reject an legislative proposal while it is voted as a majority Yes only twice a month. There is no constitution in Luana,however there is one on it's way.

Legislature Name of house(s) House level Voting system Mandate Seats
National Assembly King of the Luanians Crown-in-Parliament Head of State Until Death/Abdication 1
Chamber of Representatives Lower house First-past-the-post 4 years 10

His Majesty's Government

Office Name
Minister of External Affairs Under King's Administration (There is no minister)
Minister of Justice and Internal Affairs Under King's Administration (There is no minister)
Minister of National Defense Under King's Administration (There is no minister)
Minister of Finances and Economy F. R. V.
Minister of Health D. A. G.
Minister of Education and Research Under King's Administration (There is no minister)
Minister of Environment and Agriculture Under King's Administration (There is no minister)
Minister of Sport and Youth Under King's Administration (There is no minister)

Parties and Elections

Party Logo Party Leader Spectrum Motto Ideologies Representatives Counselors in Cabinet
National Royalist Party PNR PNR ABR.png No Leader Right wing Monarchy and Liberty! Monarchism,
6 / 10
0 / 8
Luanian Ecologist Party PAE PAE ABR.png D. A. G. Centre Love Nature! Ecologism
2 / 10
1 / 8
Cultural Movement Party PMC PMC ABRS.png F. R. V. Right wing Liberalism,
Mild Conservative
2 / 10
1 / 8

Security and Defense of Luana

Luanian Defence Forces

The armed forces of Luana are known as the Luanian Defence Forces (Romanian: Forțele de Apărare Luane). It is subordinated to the Office of National Defense.

Luanian Guard

The Luanian Guard is the national police force and main civil law enforcement agency in Luana. It is subordinated to the Office of Justice and Internal Affairs.

Protectorates of Abristan

Protectorate Flag Joined The Kingdom on Reason Autonomy level
Luanian Protectorate of Centralia Protectoratul insulei.png Insulariiadaaaa.png 30 August 2019 Protectorate of former micronation owned by King A. I of Luana 3


The official currency of the country is the RON.


Luana's culture is mostly Romanian culture with some luanian traditions


Eastern Orthodoxy

The main religion of Luana is Eastern Orthodoxy.


There wass only one citizen that was Catholic in Luana

National symbols and holidays

The national symbols of Luana, although recently created, play an important role in its culture. The national symbols are:

  • The National coat of arms (both versions)

Stema Mare a Abristanului V2.png Greater coat of arms
Stema Mica a Abristanului.png Lesser coat of arms
Partidlogo.png Abristan's Rune

The 3 versions are used as the following:

* The Greater coat of arms is used on the documents issued by the King,in official international documents and others and is used as the main Coat of Arms presented next to the Flag.
* The Medium coat of arms is used on any documents or certificates and is used by some authorities of the kingdom.
* The Rune of Luana is used for seals,stamps and various agencies and authorities of the kingdom. The rune represents Peace and Harmony and represents the God Luana.


The official holidays are:

  • Easter Day (Eastern Orthodox Easter)
  • Work Day (1 May)
  • Monarchy Day (10 May)
  • Children's Day (1 June)
  • Party Day (11 June)
  • Romanov Murder Rememberance Day (16 July)
  • Assumption of Mary (15 August)
  • Flag Day (?)
  • Luana's Day (28 August)
  • Saint Nicholas' Day (6 December)
  • Winter Holidays (23 December - 2 January)

Aditionaly, the Government can decree two-week Official Vacations, during which only half of the population works (one half in one week, one half in the other week).


https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHuMj4sWWQ-eD_WjTy2Qz0g/featured Youtube Channel


Luana was divided in the following prefectures:

Prefectures of Luana

Coat of Arms Prefecture Prefecture
Prefecture Seat Cities Communes Prefect Map
Prefectures of Luana
Crang Prefecture v23.png Crâng Prefecture BL Aleron Hațeg,
V. I. C. Islooo.jpg Cum era parca malsi.jpg Si folburg.jpg Caliumsbsuuss.jpg Islosslaria.jpg
Penteleu Prefecture v2.png Penteleu Prefecture PT Bozioru Bozioru Gura Teghii