Pejatenian Riksdag

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House of Represantives
The second riksdag
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TypeUpper House
PresidentAaron Penyami, Demokratikæ
since 16th April 2019
Vice PresidentAntonius Christiano, Demokratikæ
since 16th April 2019
Speaker of the RiksdagAryton
Members9 members
[[File:Svgfiles 2019-06-03-05-31-14-901670-6710206994025254650.svg|300px]]
Political groups
Last electionApril 16th 2019
Meeting place
Mirlandian Senate Building, Strada

The Pejatenian Riksdag is the lower house of the Pejatenian parliament, the upper being the Senate and the advisory body being the House of Advisors. Together, they compose the Pejatenian Parliament.

The riksdag is charged for creating legislation and passing them to the senate for them to vote for. The state holds elections every year, it holds 9 seats for candidates, and currently holds four parties.