Parliament of Imruland

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Parliament of Imruland

পার্লামেন্ট অফ ইম্রুল্যান্ড
Logo of Parliament of Imruland
Term limits
Until death or abdication
Founded16 July 2022 (23 months ago) (2022-07-16)
New session started
4 March 2024
Muzahidul Islam Niloy
since 24 May 2023
Shezan Khan
since 27 March 2024
Showib Ahmmed
since 23 December 2022
Mohammad Noyon
since 14 June 2024
Meeting place
Parliament Bhaban, Shagorika
Official website

The Parliament of Imruland (Bengali: পার্লামেন্ট অফ ইম্রুল্যান্ড), often simply referred to as the Parliament and also known as the House of the Nation, is the supreme legislative body of Imruland. The current parliament contains 38 seats.


The Parliament of Imruland established on 16 July 2022 by Showib Ahmmed. Imruland started its journey by establishing the parliament. Showib Ahmmed served as the first de facto Speaker of the parliament. Imruland declared their independence by establishing the parliament. All commands of the independence war were given from the parliament. Imruland got independence on 18 July 2022. The first official session of the Parliament of Imruland was held on 13 December 2022. The parliament is the witness of all important incidents of Imruland. The parliament was attacked by the supporters of Md Nazmul Hasan Fahim, the losing candidate of the 2023 Imruland President Election, led by former President Fokhrul Sazzad on the result publication night of 10 June 2023 alleging the government led by President Showib Ahmmed for massive riggings on the election. It resulted the 2023 Imruland political crisis.


Aspirants have to give an exam of 45 marks to become a member of Parliament of Imruland. The exam takes a a committee. The members of the committee are Governor, Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and Speaker.

Powers and rights

Imruland does not have any official laws. The laws of the country depend on 4 things: Constitution of Imruland, notifications from the office of Kingdom (King and Governor), notifications from the office of Prime Minister and resolutions passed in the official session of Parliament of Imruland. Any notifications issued by King, Governor and Prime Minister have to be read in the official or unofficial session of the parliament to become a law. The unofficial session of the parliament lasts for about 24 hours everyday.

List of current members

This is a list of current members of Parliament of Imruland.[1]


The following is a list of sessions of the Parliament of Imruland:

List of sessions of the Parliament of Imruland
No. Start date End date Period House Leader Notes
1 12 Deccember 2022 13 Deccember 2022 2 Vice President Showib Ahmmed ---
2 31 Deccember 2022 31 Deccember 2022 1 ---
3 5 January 2023 5 January 2023 1 President Fokhrul Sazzad ---
4 2 February 2023 2 February 2023 1 1st Special Session
5 10 March 2023 10 March 2023 1 ---
6 6 May 2023 7 May 2023 2 1st Emergency Session
7 12 May 2023 13 May 2023 1 ---
8 25 May 2023 27 May 2023 3 President Showib Ahmmed ---
9 15 July 2023 15 July 2023 1 ---
10 27 January 2024 27 January 2024 1 Prime Minister Ishtiak Mahfuz Abdullah ---
11 4 March 2024 4 March 2024 1 2nd Emergency Session


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