Sobuj Hossain

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Sobuj Hossain
সবুজ হোসেন
Deputy Governor of Imruland
Assumed office
15 July 2023
GovernorShowib Ahmmed
Preceded byOffice established
4th Vice President of Imruland
In office
1 January 2023 – 15 July 2023
PresidentFokhrul Sazzad
Showib Ahmmed
Preceded byFokhrul Sazzad
Succeeded byOffice abolished
1st Prime Minister of Imruland
In office
30 September 2022 – 23 December 2022
Acting: 23 December 2022 — 1 January 2023
PresidentImrul Kayes
Showib Ahmmed
DeputyShams Chomsky Rafi
Muzahidul Islam
Farhana Alam Liza
Preceded byOffice established
Succeeded byMuzahidul Islam
Personal details

Sobuj Hossain is a Bangladeshi-Imrulian statesman who is currently serving as the acting deputy governor of Imruland. Previously he served as vice president and prime minister in different times. He is the founder of Bro Manei Somikoron, the main cultural body of the government of Imruland.

Career in Imruland

Sobuj Hossain is the founding Prime Minister of Imruland. He is the first de facto leader of the Imrulians as he founded the first Imrulian organization Bro Manei Somikoron to spread Imrulian equation of 45. He officially appointed as prime minister on 30 September 2022 when the formal republic was installed. He always avoided internal politics even though he held high positions in Imruland. He served as Prime Minister until 31 December. He was appointed as Vice President by President Fokhrul Sazzad on 1 January 2023. Currently he is the acting deputy governor of Imruland.

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