Firoz Ahmed

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Firoz Ahmed
ফিরোজ আহমেদ
4th Speaker of the Parliament of Imruland
In office
13 February 2023 – 24 May 2023
DeputyOsanto Mon Noyon
Preceded bySharif Al Sadiq
Succeeded byMuzahidul Islam
3rd Deputy Speaker of the Parliament of Imruland
In office
28 October 2022 – 19 November 2022
SpeakerMuzahidul Islam
Tanha Shafiq Bhuiyan
Preceded bySharif Al Sadiq
Succeeded byOsanto Mon Noyon
In office
7 December 2022 – 1 January 2023
SpeakerTanha Shafiq Bhuiyan
Preceded byOsanto Mon Noyon
Succeeded byOsanto Mon Noyon
Personal details
BornFeni, Bangladesh
Political partyImruland National Party (2022)
Imruland Lords Association (2023 - present)
EducationPEC, JSC, SSC

Firoz Ahmed is a Bangladeshi statesman who served as the Speaker of the Parliament of Imruland from 13 February to 24 May 2023. He previously served as the deputy speaker and cabinet minister in several times. He is the founder of terrorist and banned political party Imruland Lords Association.

Career in Imruland

Firoz Ahmed joined Imruland as a member of the Parliament of Imruland. He was appointed as the the deputy speaker of the parliament on 28 October 2022. He resigned and left Imruland during the 2022 Imruland political crisis. He joined the banned political party Imruland National Party (INP) during this time and supported Shams Chomsky Rafi. He was the general secretary of INP. After an agreement between the government and INP, Firoz was re-appointed as deputy speaker despite being a member of opposition party. He was on the post until 1 January 2023. He was appointed as a cabinet minister during the presidency of Fokhrul Sazzad. He was appointed as the Speaker of the Parliament of Imruland after the resignation of Tanha Shafiq Bhuiyan. The relationship between him and Showib Ahmmed started to deteriorate for his support to Fokhrul Sazzad. He was removed from the office of speaker during the presidency of Showib Ahmmed. Firoz Ahmed was exiled from Imruland during the 2023 Imruland political crisis. He founded the Imruland Lords Association led by former President Fokhrul Sazzad.


Firoz Ahmed was criticized to join the Imruland National Party (INP) and the Imruland Lords Association (ILA). During both political crises of Imruland, Firoz decided to go against the government. He was the general secretary of INP and currently he is the Boring Lord of ILA. He was directly attacked by the speech of President Showib Ahmmed in different times for his wrong decisions.

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