House of Imrul

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House of Imrul
Royal house
Coat of arms of the King
Current head of the family King Imrul I
FoundedDecember 23, 2022; 18 months ago (2022-12-23)
FounderImrul I
Current headImrul I
TitlesKing of Imruland
Queen-consort of Imruland
Crown Prince of Imruland

The House of Imrul is the ruling Imrulian royal family. It was established in 2022 when then President Imrul Kayes declared constitutional monarchy in Imruland.


The Republic of Imruland was a dictatorship under President Imrul Kayes from its establishment on 16 July 2022. On 23 December 2022, President Imrul declared the transition of Imruland from dictatorship to constitutional monarchy. The Republic was succeeded by the Republic Kingdom of Imruland. Kayes proclaimed himself as the King of Imruland and appointed his only son Shohayb Bin Kayes as the Crown Prince. His family came to be known as the House of Imrul from that time as the ruling royal family of Imruland.

Political power

The head of the House of Imrul is the King of Imruland who serves as ceremonial Head of State of the Kingdom of Imruland. The King is the supreme commander of the Imruland Armed Force. He can declare military operation against any country. He is not responsible to anyone for his actions. No one can raise any questions about his ability or age. The King stands above all existing state laws. So no case can be filed against him in any court of Imruland. He can waive or delay any verdict granted by any court, tribunal or other authority. The King appoints the Governor. He also appoints the Prime Minister on the advice of the Constitution Drafting Committee lead by the Governor.


List of Heads of House of Imrul
No. Portrait Name Lifespan Reign start Reigning end Reigning Time
1 Imrul I 2 February 1987 (1987-02-02) (age 37) 23 December 2022 Incumbent 1 year, 204 days

Notable members

The list of notable members of House of Imrul are as follows:

Royal Standard

  • The Royal Flag consists of four colors: red, white, black, and green. King Imrul's beloved country Bangladesh has been included in the flag with green and red blood colors representing the evergreen of Bangladesh. White color is used in the middle to show Imrul's character as pure and free from ink. 45 is the jersey number of Imrul. There is a circle around 45 to show that Imrul is a solid batsman who can do both batting, bowling, fielding and captaincy. The circle has been kept with black font as a symbol of the grief felt by the Imrulians after Imrul Kayes was unfairly left out of the national team
Royal Flag of the King
  • The Royal Standard shows an image of a cricket shot of Imrul Kayes that is bounded by 45 with "Kingdom of Imruland" and "Sovereign Imruland Kingdom". The official designer of the flag and the standard is former State Counselor Tahsin Hossain.
Royal Standard of the King

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