Imruland Intelligence Agency

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Imruland Intelligence Agency
ইম্রুল্যান্ড গোয়েন্দা সংস্থা
Flag and logo of the Imruland Intelligence Agency
Agency overview
Formed14 November 2022
JurisdictionGovernor of Imruland
Minister responsible
Agency executive

Imruland Intelligence Agency (abbr. as IIA) is a specialized intelligence and investigation agency of the Kingdom of Imruland. Personnel attached to this wing essentially work in plain clothes. The Governor's office directly controls the agency.


Imruland Intelligence Agency (IIA) was formed on 14 November 2022 by then Vice President Showib Ahmmed. The reason of forming the agency was to investigate and mark the spies and agents of banned political party Imruland National Party (INP). Firstly the names of the members were not revealed. The names were revealed after much days of the ending of the 2022 Imruland political crisis by Showib Ahmmed. The agency secretly investigates and controls the whole Imruland.


The agency was firstly controled by the Vice President of Imruland. After the transition of Imruland from the Republic of Imruland to the Republic Kingdom of Imruland, the governing power was given to the Governor of Imruland. The governor directly controls and instructs the agency. The names of agency members are usually kept secret. All the members of the agency have the power equivalent to the Chief of Imruland Armed Force. The agency has more powers than the Imruland Armed Force. They can investigate anyone anytime without or with notice and openly or secretly. The names of the members of IIA are unknown even to the prime minsister. Currently, 5 names of the agency members are revealed. The governor is the head of the agency. The members of the agency are called the Heroes of Imruland.

List of members

The following is a list of the 5 known members of the Imruland Intelligence Agency. Tanha Shafiq Bhuiyan, the 5th member, has resigned on July 2023 following the 2023 Imruland political crisis.

List of Members of IIA
# Portrait Name Agency title Governmental office
1 Showib Ahmmed Head Governor of Imruland
2 Muzahidul Islam Niloy Member Speaker of the Parliament of Imruland
3 Sharif Al Sadiq Minister of Law
4 Jinuk Hasan Minister of Women & Children Affairs
5 Tanha Shafiq Bhuiyan Former member Former Speaker of the Parliament of Imruland

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