Fokhrul Sazzad

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Fokhrul Sazzad
ফখরুল সাজ্জাদ
Former President Fokhrul Sazzad
3rd President of Imruland
In office
31 December 2022 – 24 May 2023
MonarchImrul I
Prime MinisterMuzahidul Islam
GovernorShowib Ahmmed
Vice PresidentSobuj Hossain
Preceded byShowib Ahmmed
Succeeded byShowib Ahmmed
3rd Vice President of Imruland
In office
14 December 2022 – 31 December 2022
PresidentImrul Kayes
Showib Ahmmed
Preceded byShowib Ahmmed
Succeeded bySobuj Hossain
3rd Chief Justice of Imruland
In office
1 November 2022 – 4 November 2022
PresidentImrul Kayes
Vice PresidentShowib Ahmmed
Preceded bySharif Al Sadiq
Succeeded bySharif Al Sadiq
2nd Attorney General of Imruland
In office
24 May 2023 – 31 May 2023
PresidentShowib Ahmmed
Preceded byAbu Salah Al Fahad
Succeeded bySafat Zareef Hassan
Opposition Chief Whip
In office
18 November 2022 – 19 November 2022
LeaderShams Chomsky Rafi
Preceded byOffice established
Succeeded byOffice abolished
Personal details
Mohammad Fokhrul Islam

Chittagong, Bangladesh
Political partyImruland National Party (2022)
Imruland Lords Association (2023 - present)
Laila Begum (m. 2024)
EducationB.A & M.A. in Al-Quran & Islamic studies
Alma materIslamic University Bangladesh

Fokhrul Sazzad, also known as Mohammad Fokhrul Islam or Fokhra Hala, is a Bangladeshi politician and convicted rebel who served as the President of Imruland from 31 December 2022 to 24 May 2023. Previously he served as Vice President, acting Chief Justice and cabinet minister in different times. He is the de facto leader of terrorist organization Imruland Lords Association. He is the most controversial and condemned person in the history of Imruland.

Early life

Fokhrul Sazzad was born on Chittagong, Bangladesh. He completed his higher school from Madrasah E Tayabia Islamia Sunnia in 2012. He got B.A Honors in 2019 and M.A. Masters in 2023 in Al-Quran & Islamic studies from Islamic University Bangladesh. He is the founder of Precious Events (2023) and co-founder of Sunni Express (2019). He is working as finance secretary in voluntary organization Kandari since 15 December 2021. He is active in the politics of Islami Chhatrasena. He was married to Laila Begum on 7 March 2024.

Career in Imruland

Fokhrul Sazzad joined Imruland as a member of Parliament on 2022. He served as State Minister of Public Administration from July to November 2022 and Public Administration Minister from November to December. He also served as Information and Broadcasting Minister in December 2022. He was a member of Imruland Constitution Drafting Committee and prompted to Vice President of the committee on November 2022. He served as acting Chief Justice of Imruland when the main Chief Justice Sharif Al Sadiq was suspended for 3 days. He also served as the Attorney General of Imruland in two terms. In his first term, he fought for the state in much-discussed "Arpon Shikder vs State" case in 19 November 2022. The case resulted the resignation of Deputy Prime Minister Shams Chomsky Rafi and occured the 2022 Imruland political crisis. Although he joined with Shams Chomsky Rafi during this period, he was not exiled by the government and was returned to the government later. He was acting chairman of Imruland National Party (INP). He served as the Opposition Chief Whip during the agreement time of INP and Imruland government. He served as acting Vice President after the temporary resignation of Vice President Showib Ahmmed. He won the 2022 Imruland President Election and thus he became the first elected president of Imruland. He took oath as President on 31 December 2022 and served until 24 May 2023. He was exiled by the government on 10 June 2023 for the allegation of secret conspiracy against Imruland.


Fokhrul Sazzad was criticized during 2023 Imruland political crisis. The Parliament of Imruland was attacked under his leadership on the night of the declaration of results of the 2023 Imruland President Election on 10 June 2023. He was accused of secret conspiracy against Imruland and was exiled by the government. He founded the exiled government of Imruland Lords Association on 1 January 2024. Although Showib Ahmmed brought Sazzad to the top of power, the relationship between Sazzad and Ahmmed started to deteriorate after Sazzad assumed the office of president. He tried to impeach Ahmmed in several times. Ahmmed blamed Fokhrul Sazzad as conspirator and distructor of Imruland in several times. Besides, Sazzad abused Tanha Shafiq Bhuiyan in unspeakable language at various times in various speeches. He was highly criticized by also his supporters for badly abusing her. Fokhrul Sazzad was also criticized by the people of Imruland when he took the side of Shams Chomsky Rafi during the 2022 Imruland political crisis. He is sometimes regarded as the father of factionalism in Imruland.


A case was filed against Fokhrul Sazzad in the Supreme Court for sedition, separatism and conspiracy against the country on 17 March 2024. The Supreme Court of Imruland had found Fokhrul Sazzad guilty of attacking the Parliament of Imruland and trying to create instability on the night of the 2nd presidential election results on June 10 and banned him from participating in all elections. He was also banned from entering Imruland. The Supreme Court bench headed by Chief Justice Sheikh Mizan gave this verdict after a few days of hearing on 26 March 2024.[1] He was given this punishment on several charges including deliberately creating an unstable situation in the state. The court canceled all protocols of Fokhrul Sazzad as a former president. In another case of attacking the Parliament of Imruland, the Supreme Court sentenced him to death by public hanging.[1][2] As he is absconding, the verdict has not been executed yet. Governor Showib Ahmmed said in a statement after the verdict of the case that no one can get away with committing a crime in Imruland has been proved once again through this verdict. Even if he is a President, he will not be exempted. He said, through this judgment, the justice of Imruland was once again revealed before the world. Prime Minister Ishtiak Mahfuz Abdullah also expressed satisfaction with the verdict. About 10 months after the attack, they were brought to law and justice in this case.

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