Brobel Prize

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Brobel Prize
Certificate of the Brobel Peace Prize 2022
TypeNational Civilian
Presented byGovernor of Imruland
First awarded2022
Last awarded2022

Brobel Prize is the highest civilian award in Imruland. The award is given to recognize contributions in a number of fields, including science, peace, literature, cricket, and economics. The Governor's Office administers the award.


The Brobel Prize was introduced by Vice President Fokhrul Sazzad on 23 December 2022. He declared in a government notification that the government would award different persons as a recognition of contribution in various fields in 7 categories. The names of the award recipients were announced on 31 December 2022 after some hours of assuming office of Fokhrul Sazzad as the President of Imruland. The Governor's Office took the administration of the award after removing the posts of President and Vice President on 15 July 2023

Method of giving

A committee led by the Governor selects the recipients of the award. If the Governor approves, the name of the person or institutions selected is published in the radio, television and newspapers. Earlier, the ministry of culture will contact the person or organization (posthumous paternal or successor) in the respective award and accept the acceptance of award from them. If a person or institution refuses to accept the medal or does not have their opinion at the particular time, it will be reported to the Governor. Name of that person or organization will not be included in the final list of medals and their names will not be declared. The Governor will lift the Brobel Prize in the national day of Imruland on 16 July.


The Brobel Prize are given in 7 categories. The categories are:

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Organisms and Treatment
  • Economics
  • Peace
  • Literature
  • Cricket

Brobel Prize 2022

The named of the recipients of the Brobel Prize 2022 were announced on 31 December 2022 in a gazette notification signed by President Fokhrul Sazzad. The award was handed over on 1 January 2023 by the president.


The Brobel Physics Prize 2022 was awarded to Jubayar Al Mahamud. He was awarded to try to mix 118 naturally occurring elements together in the same tiny test tube at the risk of his own life.


The Brobel Chemistry Prize 2022 was awarded to Binte Mostafa. He was given this award for maintaining chemistry with all members of the Parliament of Imruland.

Organisms and Treatment

The Brobel Organisms and Treatment Prize 2022 was awarded to Muzahidul Islam. He proved the idea that goats don't eat everything; they are very decent and dignified animals. He dispelled the common superstition in society "Chagole Kina Khay" (What a goat eats) by this research.


The highest respectable Brobel Peace Prize 2022 was given to Showib Ahmmed to arrange the 2022 Imruland President Election peacefully and to transfer the power to the elected president.


The Brobel Literature Prize 2022 was awarded to Safat Zareef Hassan for his contribution in the field of short story and brave journalism.


The Brobel Cricket Prize 2022 was awarded to Jibon Mahmood. He was awarded to express thoughts and ideas about cricket in the 18 out of 24 hours of the day and to continue playing in middle age.


No one was awarded The Brobel Economics Prize 2022 as no one had made a significant contribution to the economy.

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