Governor of Imruland

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Governor of Imruland
ইম্রুল্যান্ডের গভর্নর
Coat of arms of Imruland
Showib Ahmmed

since 23 December 2022
StyleHis Excellency
Typede facto Head of state
Deputy head of state
Representative of the king
Reports toKing of Imruland
ResidenceGovernor House, Naogaon
AppointerKing of Imruland
Term lengthUntil death or abdication
PrecursorChief Advisor of Imruland
Formation23 December 2022
First holderShowib Ahmmed
DeputyDeputy Governor of Imruland

The Governor of Imruland is the representative of King and de facto constitutional head of state of the Kingdom of Imruland. All of the roles of the King are done usually by the Governor. The current Governor is Showib Ahmmed, who was appointed on the post on 23 December 2022 after the turning of the country from dictatorship to constitutional monarchy.


The monarchy was established on 23 December 2022. On that day, then President Imrul Kayes declared the end of one-man dictatorship in Imruland and declared a constitutional monarchy. He proclaimed himself as the King and took his name Imrul I. He appointed Showib Ahmmed as the regent aka representative of him.

Chief Advisor

Chief Advisor was the predecessor post of the Governor of Imruland. King Imrul I appointed Showib Ahmmed as the Chief Advisor of Imruland on 23 December 2022 by the transformation of the country from dictatorship to constitutional monarchy. The Republic Kingdom of Imruland was succeeded by the Kingdom of Imruland on 16 July 2023 by passing the third amendment of the Constitution of Imruland when the name of the post was changed to Governor.


The Governor is the de facto head of state of Imruland and has all the powers of King. His power is equal to the King on his absentia. He is not responsible to anyone for his actions except the King. The Governer stands above all existing state laws. So no case can be filed against him in any court of Imruland. The Governor is the deputy supreme commander and de facto supreme commander of the Imruland Armed Force. The King appoints the Prime Minister on the advice of Constitution Drafting Committee led by Governor. He appoints the Chief Justice of Imruland and the Attorney General of Imruland. The Governor convenes a session of Parliament of Imruland on the advice of Prime Minister. The Governor can expel any cabinet member and any parliament member. He can declare state of emergency inside the country. He can waive or delay any verdict granted by any court, tribunal or other authority. He can be impeached by a two-thirds vote of parliament on serious charges.

Deputy Governor

Deputy Governor is the deputy representative of King of Imruland. The governor appoints deputy governor. He will be made acting Governor if the governor dies, resigns, abdicates, or impeaches. Currently there is no official deputy governor. However, former Vice President Sobuj Hossain is considered acting and de facto deputy governor.

List of Governors

# Portrait Name
Monarch Took office Left office Term in office
1 N/A Showib Ahmmed
(b. 2005)
Imrul I 23 December 2022 Incumbent 1 year, 206 days
Founder of Imruland. Served as President, Vice President and Prime Minister in different times. Faced the 2023 Imruland political crisis during governorship.

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