United Micronations (2024)

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United Micronations
Flag of United Micronations
Emblem of United Micronations
Official languages
TypeIntermicronational organization
Membership32 member states
Prince Ledryn Gorpayev
• Micronational Axis
9 January 2024
• United Micronations
16 February 2024 (5 months ago) (2024-02-16)

The United Micronations, (abbr. as UM) and previously known as the Micronational Axis, is an intermicronational organization established in 2024 by the Principality of Sivland. The organization was established to increase diplomatic and mutual relation between micronations. Currently it has 33 member-states.


The United Micronations was established by inspiring from the United Nations. The organization was established on 9 January 2024 as Micronational Axis by the Gorkht Empire, the predecessor state of the Principality of Sivland. Later it was renamed as the United Micronations on 16 February. Prince Ledryn Gorpayev of Sivland was made the founding acting General Secretary before an election. The first member of the organization was the Kingdom of Wolfyland. The first election is scheduled to be held on 19 May 2024. The most members of the UM have considered the idea of ​​creating an intermicronational currency.


The chief position of the United Micronations is Secretary General. The current secretary general is Prince Ledryn Gorpayev of Sivland. The actual structure is currently under development.

List of member states

The following is a list of member states of the United Micronations:

No. Name of state Head of state Head of government Joined
1 Principality of Sivland Prince Ledryn Gorpayev 16 February 2024
2 Kingdom of Wolfyland King Wolfy Plushy Chancellor GWV 16 February 2024
3 Kingdom of Rütsi 16 February 2024
4 Rеpublic of Patagonia 17 February 2024
5 Formal Monarch Republic of Cetlandria King Adam Cetra 17 February 2024
6 Algyz People Republic 18 February 2024
7 West Rulish Empire Emperor Ruben Loshe Bushell Elected Prime Minister Liam Hare 18 February 2024
8 Commonwealth of Agatonia President Kaito I 20 February 2024
9 Tribe of Homeland 20 February 2024
10 Empire of Colania 21 February 2024
11 Holy Twyfordian Empire 7 March 2024
12 People's Republic of Diclantis 8 March 2024
13 Empire of Clandria Emperor Vader Commander Yeet 9 March 2024
14 Kingdom of New Mayasburg 9 March 2024
15 Union of Januaritania 9 March 2024
16 Duchy of Danderreich 9 March 2024
17 Warlienet United 9 March 2024
18 Empire of Volostania 10 March 2024
19 Republika Verdana Ruler Jack Scott 10 March 2024
20 U.N.A.Holy Republic 10 March 2024
21 Sovereign Principality of Pullus Prince Alphonse Chancellor Little Big The Chicken 11 March 2024
22 Kingdom of the Golliez King Maxime I 11 March 2024
23 Zedic Union 11 March 2024
24 Yavian Empire Emperor Yaroslav the Great 11 March 2024
25 Green Chinese-Korean Republic Leader Kom Gir Son Premier Kim Jong Ogur 11 March 2024
26 Republic of Redskania Leader Kontrobal Gigachod Kontrobalovich 11 March 2024
27 Enclave Empire Emperor Alexander Supreme Commander Justin 12 March 2024
28 Republic of Belcity 12 March 2024
29 Kingdom Of Catland 12 March 2024
30  Kingdom of Imruland Governor Showib Ahmmed Prime Minister Mohammad Noyon 12 March 2024
31 United Kingdoms Of Taksrakia Emperor Tom I Chief Minister Zayen 12 March 2024
32 Qintiistan Darussalam Sultan Faisal bin Muhammad Prime Minister Zainal bin Salih 16 March 2024
33 United States of Shacalin President Asvaenakakuak 16 March 2024

List of secretary generals

List of member states of the United Micronations (2024)
No. Name Country Term start Term end Time in office
1 Prince Ledryn Gorpayev Principality of Sivland 16 February 2024 Incumbent 151 days

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