Prime Minister of Imruland

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Prime Minister of Imruland
ইম্রুল্যান্ডের প্রধানমন্ত্রী
Coat of arms of Imruland
Mohammad Noyon

since 14 June 2024
StyleThe Honorable
TypeHead of government
Member ofCabinet of Imruland
Parliament of Imruland
Reports toGovernor of Imruland
ResidencePrime Minister's House, Shagorika
NominatorConstitution Drafting Committe
AppointerKing of Imruland
Term length145 days
Inaugural holderSobuj Hossain
Formation30 September 2022
DeputyDeputy Prime Minister of Imruland

The Prime Minister of Imruland is the head of government of the Kingdom of Imruland. The post did not have so much importance during the Republic Kingdom of Imruland. The prime minister is ceremonially appointed by the King of Imruland. The current prime minister is Mohammad Noyon who was appointed on 14 June 2024 winning the June 2024 Imruland Prime Minister Election.


Prime Minister's post was not so important on the Republic Kingdom of Imruland as the government was headed by the president. Prime minister got the full power of head of government from 16 July 2023 when the third amendment of the constitution took effective. The amendment abolished the post of president and introduced a new type of government headed by the prime minister.


The Prime Minister can demand accountability for any work of anyone except the King and the Governor if he wants. He appoints the Deputy Prime Minister and other cabinet members. The Prime Minister's decision is final in any governmental appointment. He can be impeached by two-thirds vote of the parliament on serious charges.

List of Prime Ministers

# Portrait Name
Election Took office Left office Term in office
1 Sobuj Hossain
(b. unknown)
- 30 September 2022 1 January 2023 93 days
2 Muzahidul Islam
(b. 2001)
2022 1 January 2023 24 May 2023 143 days
3 Showib Ahmmed
(b. 2005)
- 24 May 2023 28 July 2023 65 days
4 Safat Zareef Hassan
(b. 2007)
June 2023 28 July 2023 19 December 2023 144 days
5 Nihal Ahmed
(b. 2006)
December 2023 19 December 2023 21 January 2024 33 days
6 Ishtiak Mahfuz Abdullah
(b. 2005)
January 2024 21 January 2024 14 June 2024 145 days
7 Mohammad Noyon
(b. 2003)
June 2024 14 June 2024 Incumbent 32 days

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