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Principality of Sivland
Княжество Сивленд (Russian)
Knyazhestvo Sivlend
Flag of Ponosian Republic
Coat of arms of Ponosian Republic
Coat of arms
Motto: Война не всегда так страшна
"War is not always so terrible"
Anthem: Anthem of Sivland
LocationKrasnodar Krai, Russia
and largest town
Official languagesRussian
Christianity, Kgizm
• Prince
Ledryn Gorpayev
from the Unitaz Empire
• Declared
9 November 2023
• Principality
24 November 2023
• Occupation by the Gorhta Empire
7 January 2024
• Restoration
18 January 2024
• Total
0.00015 km2 (5.8×10−5 sq mi)
• 2024 census
• Density
40,000/km2 (103,599.5/sq mi)
HDI ([1])0.855
very high
Time zoneUTC+3 (MSK)
Date formatany
Calling code+7

Sivland, officially the Principality of Sivland (Russian: Княжество Сивленд, romanized: Knyazhestvo Sivlend) and formerly named Ponosia, is a micronation located in Krasnodar Krai, Russia. The micronation is mainly known for being associated with plush toys, and for it's former feud with the Unitaz Empire. On January 9 2024, Sivland was invaded by the Gorhta Empire, but gained back independence 11 days later. It claims Proxima Centauri along with Ceres, the Kepler-90 solar system and NGC 6872 galaxy.


Ponosian Republic

On 28 October 2023, the Unitaz Empire colonized territories of the Pushkov Empire (modern-day Sivland), and on 6 November, the Ponosian Republic was proclaimed, with the Ponosian troops taking the toilet, the bathhouse and the forest. On 19 November, during peace negotiations, the Unitazian ruler, Yatlot I., killed the deputy and destroyed the victory monument without signing the peace treaty, causing Ponosia to make an alliance against the Unitaz Empire. On 20 November, the Unitaz Empire capitulated and signed the peace treaty with Ponosia, ending the dispute and with Ponosia rebranding the alliance to the Union for the Defense of the Peoples of Micronations.

Principality of Sivland

On 24 November, Ponosia changed it's name to Sivland (formally Principality of Sivland). On 26 November, New Amsterdam tried to invade Sivland but lost it's independence afterwards. On 19 December at night, a car crashed into a road sign about 20-26 meters from Sivland. Elections were planned to be held on 2 January 2024, but were later cancelled.

Sivlandish Civil War

On January 7, Sivland was attacked by the Gorhta Empire, with the latter having stormed the administration building and shot president Ryzhler, also dismantling borders and annexing a 2-3 meter large colony, which was then washed away by rain. Sivland's ally Wolfyland has condemned the invasion. Due to this, the Gorhta Empire is also threatening Wolfyland with an invasion, however the Wolfish government doubts that such invasion would be successful. Between 10-12 January, the Kuban Democratic Republic took over the Gorhta Empire, also making a claim on most of Krasnodar Krai and Adygea. On 14 January, a house burned down near Sivland.


On 18 January, after the civil war, Sivland once again got it's independence, this time from the KDR, under the new name Republican State of Sivland. On 22 January, Sivland changed it's full name back to Principality of Sivland. On 25 January, Sivland has stated that it plans to create a space company, it's own toy factory, a post office and a city of Minecraft figurines.


Sivland is an enclave of Russia, with it's 150km2 large territory being located in Krasnodar Krai, about 20 km from Krasnodar. It's capital city, Grantoil, is located in a toilet.


Sivland is a principality, with the prince being Ledryn Gorpayev since January 20 2024.

Ledryn Gorpayev, prince of Sivland


While Sivland has had the Unitaz Empire as it's biggest enemy for most of it's history, it has also established diplomatic relations with other micronations as well, most notably Wolfyland.

Micronation Date Agreement
Salanda 17-19 November 2023 Unknown
Brynasia 17-19 November 2023 Unknown
Diclantis 17-19 November 2023 Unknown
Algyz 19 November 2023 Unknown
Wolfyland 20 November 2023 Sivland and Wolfyland recognize each other and are in the Union for the Defense of the Peoples of Micronations
Saloshi 22 November 2023 Unknown
New Amsterdam 22 November 2023 Sivland and New Amsterdam recognize each other and are in the Union for the Defense of the Peoples of Micronations. However, after New Amsterdam's invasion, diplomatic ties were severed and the leader of New Amsterdam renounced his rights to the state.


As of 2024, the population of Sivland is 6, or 61 when includes plush toys and figurines.


National symbols

The flag of Sivland is a white and blue saltire on a green field. The motto is "War is not always terrible", and the anthem is the Anthem of Sivland. which is 1 minute and 47 seconds long.[2]


The official language is Russian, which is the language spoken in Sivland.


The most popular food in Sivland are cookies and borscht.

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