Ishtiak Mahfuz Abdullah

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Ishtiak Mahfuz Abdullah
ইশতিয়াক মাহফুজ আব্দুল্লাহ
Former Prime Minister of Imruland Ishtiak Mahfuz Abdullah
6th Prime Minister of Imruland
In office
21 January 2024 – 14 June 2024
MonarchImrul I
GovernorShowib Ahmmed
DeputySafat Zareef Hassan
Preceded byNihal Ahmed
Succeeded byMohammad Noyon
Personal details
BornJuly 18, 2005 (2005-07-18) (age 18)
Barishal, Bangladesh
EducationPEC, JSC, SSC
Alma materBTCL Ideal High School

Ishtiak Mahfuz Abdullah, also known as Syed Ishtiak Mahfuz, is a Bangladeshi-Imrulian politician who had served as the Prime Minister of Imruland from 21 January to 14 June 2024. Previously he served as the minister of defence, foreign and home affairs in different times.

Early life and education

Ishtiak Mahfuz Abdullah was born on 18 July 2005 in Barishal, Bangladesh. He completed his high school education from the BTCL Ideal High School in 2022. He is currently completing his college education from the Notre Dame College (NDC). He is a group Representative in the Notre Dame Math Club. He is serving as the president of the BTCL Club of Mathematics since 28 October 2023. He is a volunteer editor of Wikipedia.

Career in Imruland

Abdullah is one of the founding member of Imruland. He served as the founding defence minister of Imruland. The independence war of Imruland was fought during his ministry. He played a major role in the modernization of the Imruland Armed Forces. He was accused of conspiracy against Imruland during the 2022 Imruland political crisis by President Showib Ahmmed by mistake and arrested by the Imruland Intelligence Agency (IIA) during the election campaign for the 2022 Imruland President Election. But later he was acquitted and released. He was a presidential candidate for the 2022 Imruland President Election but lost only for one vote to Fokhrul Sazzad. He was appointed as the minister of foreign affairs during the presidency of Sazzad. Abdullah won the January 2024 Imruland Prime Minister Election and appointed as the Prime Minister of Imruland on 21 January 2024 and served until 14 June.

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