Imruland Armed Force

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Imruland Armed Force
ইম্রুল্যান্ড সশস্ত্র বাহিনী
Imruland Shoshostro Bahinī
Logo of Imruland Armed Force
Flag of Imruland Armed Force
Mottoআমরা সবাই ইম্রুল সেনা, ভয় করি না বুলেট বোমা
We are all Imrul Army, not afraid of bullet bombs
Founded16 July 2022; 23 months ago (2022-07-16)
Service branchesImruland Army
Imruland Navy
Imruland Air Force
Commander-in-ChiefImrul I
Deputy Commander-in-ChiefShowib Ahmmed
Prime MinisterMohammad Noyon
Military age15 years
Active personnel45
Reserve personnel45

Imruland Armed Force is the military force of the Kingdom of Imruland. It consists of the three uniformed military services: the Imruland Army, the Imruland Navy and the Imruland Air Force. The Armed Force is under the jurisdiction of Ministry of Defense of the Government of Imruland, and is administered by the Governor's Office and the Prime Minister's Office. The King of Imruland ceremonially serves as the commander-in-chief of the armed force. Border Guard of Imruland and Imruland Police are under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Home Affairs during peacetime, but during wartime and emergency, they fall under the command of Imruland Armed Force.


The Imruland Armed Force was formed during the cold war of independence war in 16 July 2022. The armed force played an important role to achieve the independence of Imruland. The chiefs of the force were appointed from the members of the Parliament of Imruland untill 2023. Currently, the parliament has no authority and control over the force.


The King of Imruland is ceremonially the Commander-in-Chief and the Governor of Imruland is the Deputy Commander-in-Chief as well as the de facto Commander-in-Chief. They have the power to declare cease and suspend war with any country and in this regard they are assisted by the Deputy Governor, Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister. No other persons or organizations have the right to interfere in this matter. If any country tries to interfere with the sovereignty of Imruland or if it violates international law, the country can be invaded by the order of the King or the Governor. The invasion will officially begin from the moment when the order of King or the Governor will be read in the Parliament of Imruland. The Kingdom's Office, Prime Minister's Office and Ministry of Defense will coordinate the operation. The Ministry of Defense shall conduct the war in the event of war with any region, country or province under Imruland by proclamation of the King or the Governor.


Officers are trained and educated for three years at the Imruland Military Academy in Bhatiary. For advance training during their career, officers are sent to Imruland Defense Services Command and Staff College at Shagorika, while senior officers attend the National Defense University for Armed Forces War Course. Many attend the Military Institute of Science and Technology while serving. Officers of the Army Medical Corps are recruited after graduation from both military or civil medical colleges. They undergo basic military training at Imruland Military Academy followed by professional training in medical corps centre and Armed Forces Medical Institute. Recently cadets of Armed Forces Medical College also started joining the services directly.

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