Republic Kingdom of Imruland

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Republic Kingdom of Imruland
প্রজাতান্ত্রিক ইম্রুল্যান্ড সাম্রাজ্য (Bengali)
Motto: "45 in consciousness"
Anthem: "Prithibir Majhe Sera"
Official languagesBengali
Ethnic groups
Islam (97.78%)
Hinduism (2.22%)
GovernmentUnitary constitutional monarchy under presidential parliamentary republic
• 2022-2023
Imrul I
Chief Advisor 
• 2022-2023
Showib Ahmmed
• 2022
Showib Ahmmed
• 2022-2023
Fokhrul Sazzad
• 2023
Showib Ahmmed
16 July 2022
• Constitutional monarchy
23 December 2022
16 July 2023
• Estimate
Calling code+45
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Republic of Imruland
Kingdom of Imruland
Today part of Imruland

The Republic Kingdom of Imruland (Bengali: প্রজাতান্ত্রিক ইম্রুল্যান্ড সাম্রাজ্য) was a micronation established in Bangladesh. It was preceded by the Republic of Imruland that was established on 16 July 2022 by Showib Ahmmed to pay tribute to the Bangladeshi cricketer Imrul Kayes who is currently serving as the King of the Kingdom of Imruland. It is the last predecessor state of Imruland.


The Republic of Imruland declared their independence on 16 July 2022. The country was transformed from dictatorship to constitutional monarchy on 23 December 2022 and succeeded by the Republic Kingdom of Imruland.

The Republic Kingdom of Imruland faced political crisis on 10 June 2023 after publication of the result of the 2023 Imruland President Election. The losing candidate Nazmul Hasan Fahim boycotted the result alleging massive riggings in the election. The supporters of Fahim led by former President Fokhrul Sazzad attacked the parliament house. A state of emergency was declared for an indefinite period and all supporters of Fahim and Sazzad were banned from the parliament. The Constitution of Imruland was amended on 15 July 2023 where the direct election system was cancelled. The positions of president and vice president were abolished and a new type of government headed by the prime minister was introduced. The Republic Kingdom of Imruland was succeeded by the Kingdom of Imruland with the abolition of presidency.

Government and politics

The Republic Kingdom of Imruland was a constitutional monarchy under presidential republic, with the constitution providing a national assembly to serve as the legislative branch of government. The King served as the constitutional head of the country. The Chief Advisor was the representative of the King. Mainly the Chief Advisor was the de facto constitutional head of state as the King did not attend in any ceremonial function of the country. The government was headed by a president who was elected for a term of 145 days. The first election was held on 29 December 2022 and the second and last election was held on 10 June 2023. The deputy of the president was vice president. There were also a prime minister and a deputy prime minister to help the president.

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