Constitution of Imruland

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Constitution of Imruland
Front page of the Constitution of Imruland
Jurisdiction Imruland
Ratified31 December 2022; 18 months ago (2022-12-31)
Date effective1 January 2023; 18 months ago (2023-01-01)
SystemUnitary Constitutional Monarchy under Parliamentary Republic
Government structure
BranchesThree (Executive, Legislature and Judiciary)
ChambersParliament of Imruland
ExecutiveCabinet of Imruland
JudiciarySupreme Court of Imruland
Last amended15 July 2023
LocationShagorika, Imruland
Author(s)Members of the Constitution Drafting Committee
SignatoriesMembers of the Parliament of Imruland
SupersedesProclamation of Imrulian Independence

The Constitution of Imruland (Bengali: ইম্রুল্যান্ডের সংবিধান — Imrulander Sambidhāna) is the supreme law of Imruland. The document provides the framework that demarcates the Imrulian monarchy with a unitary, parliamentary democracy, that enshrines fundamental human rights and freedoms, an independent judiciary, and a national bureaucracy.

The three fundamental principles of the constitution are nationalism, socialism, and monarchy. The Constitution endeavors to create a socialist society in which the rule of law, fundamental human rights and freedom, equality and justice, economic and social, is secured for all its citizens. It commits Imruland to "contribute to international peace and co-operation in keeping with the progressive aspirations of mankind".


The drafting of the constitution started by creating a drafting committee on August 2022. The committee started with 9 members headed by Vice President Showib Ahmmed. The committe was changed in different times. The making of the drafted constitution ended on 30 December 2022. It was passed in Parliament of Imruland on the next day and got effective at the starting of the new year of 2023. The constitution has been amended for 3 times.

Constitution Drafting Committee

Imruland Constitution Drafting Committee

ইম্রুল্যান্ড সংবিধান প্রণয়ন কমিটি
Advisory council
Showib Ahmmed
since 20 August 2022
Vice President
Mohammad Noyon
since 14 June 2024
Safat Zareef Hassan
since 24 January 2024
Deputy Member-secretary
Muzahidul Islam Niloy
since 15 July 2023
Meeting place
Constitution House, Shagorika

The Constitution Drafting Committee is a body who are responsible for amending the Constitution of Imruland. The committee is an administrative assembly of Imruland. The members of the committee are appointed by the Governor of Imruland who is the president of the committee. New amendments have to be passed by a two-thirds vote of the members of the committee and come into effective after being tabled in the Parliament of Imruland. The committee is the most powerful body after parliament. The committee also nominates new prime minister by an indirect election.

Members of starting committee

The following list is about the members who were in the Constitution Drafting Committee in the time of passing the main constitution:

Members of the current committee

The following list is about the members who are in the current members of the Constitution Drafting Committee:


The constitution was passed on 31 December 2023 under President Showib Ahmmed. It has been amended for 3 times. The first amendment was passed on 2 February 2023 under President Fokhrul Sazzad. The second and third amendments were passed on 25 May and 15 July 2023 respectively under President Showib Ahmmed.

First Amendment

The first amendment was passed to declare the national anthem. Chetonay Poytallish, written by former Deputy Prime Minister Shams Chomsky Rafi, was made Imruland's national anthem. Besides, some typical mistakes were fixed.

Second Amendment

The second amendment changes the national anthem from Chetonay Poytallish to Prithibir Majhe Sera, written by Defense Minister Ishtiak Mahfuz Abdullah. The power to change the constitution was given to the Constitution Drafting Committee. The term of the President was extended to 162 days where he got absolute power for 145 days. The President would be systematic head for the remaining 17 days and the main power would go to the Governor. The election system was somewhat reformed in the amendment.

Third Amendment

The third amendment made a huge change in the Imruland regime. The Republic Kingdom of Imruland was succeeded by the Kingdom of Imruland by this amendment. The amendment was passed during a state of emergency following the 2023 Imruland political crisis. The title of the national anthem was changed from Prithibir Majhe Sera to Amader Imruland. Islam was recognized as the state religion and secularism was excluded from the four principles of Imruland. The posts of President and Vice President were removed and the title of Chief Advisor was changed to Governor. A new type of government headed by the Prime Minister was introduced and election system was cancelled. Appointment by indirect election by the Constitution Drafting Committee rules were made instead of direct election of Prime Minister. The age limit for the speaker of the parliament and the cabinet ministers was cancelled.

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