Attorney General of Imruland

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Attorney General of Imruland
ইম্রুল্যান্ডের অ্যাটর্নি জেনারেল
Safat Zareef Hassan

since 19 March 2024
Office of the Attorney General
StyleThe Honourable
TypeChief legal adviser
Primary lawyer of state
Reports toGovernor of Imruland
SeatSupreme Court of Imruland
AppointerGovernor of Imruland
Term lengthAt the Governor's pleasure
Formation13 February 2023; 17 months ago (2023-02-13)
First holderAbu Salah Al Fahad

The Attorney General of Imruland is the Imruland government's chief legal adviser, and its primary lawyer in the Supreme Court of Imruland. The Attorney General is usually a highly respected Senior Advocate, and is appointed by the Governor of Imruland. Deputy Prime Minister Safat Zareef Hassan is the current and 3rd Attorney General for Imruland.

The Attorney General does not have any executive authority, and is not a political appointee; those functions are performed by the Minister of Law. He performs the duties assigned to that post and empowered to participate in any reference to the Supreme Court of Imruland made by the Governor under Article 38 of the constitution.

List of attorneys general

# Portrait Name
Appointer Took office Left office Term in office
1 Abu Salah Al Fahad
(b. )
President Fokhrul Sazzad 13 February 2023 24 May 2023 100 days
2 Fokhrul Sazzad
(b. 1990)
President Showib Ahmmed 24 May 2023 31 May 2023 7 days
Vacant (1 June 2023 - 18 March 2024)
3 Safat Zareef Hassan
(b. 2007)
Governor Showib Ahmmed 19 March 202 Incumbent 119 days

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