2022 Imruland political crisis

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2022 Imruland political crisis
Date13 November 2022 – 18 November 2022
Shagorika, Imruland
Caused byResignation of Deputy Prime Minister Shams Chomsky Rafi
Resulted in
Lead figures
Showib Ahmmed
Sobuj Hossain
Muzahidul Islam
Sharif Al Sadiq
Tanha Shafiq Bhuiyan
Jinuk Hasan
Shams Chomsky Rafi
Fokhrul Sazzad
Abdullah Al Noman
Firoz Ahmed
Casualties and losses
No casualties
9 wounded

The 2022 Imruland political crisis began when Deputy Prime Minister Shams Chomsky Rafi resigned from his post during an address to the nation in Imruland Television (ITV). Some members of the parliament and cabinet ministers also resigned following his resignation. Some of them also threatened to resign. A state of emergency was declared and many people were arrested by the Imruland Army.


The Republic of Imruland declared formal republic on 30 September 2022. Shams Chomsky Rafi was appointed as the 1st Deputy Prime Minister of Imruland by Vice President Showib Ahmmed. Vice President Ahmmed resigned on 6 October on a sudden effect and Deputy Prime Minister Rafi was appointed as the new vice president. Rafi returned to his previous post when Ahmmed returned as vice president after two weeks. The relationship between Ahmmed and Rafi was not so good at this time. They used to get into trouble in different times for different reasons. Prime Minister Sobuj Hossain tried to keep peace between them and worked as a mediator during troubles. Finally Shams Chomsky Rafi resigned on 13 November 2022 in a speech given to the state-owned Imruland Television (ITV) following a court case against Arpon Sikder. It made tensions between members of the Parliament of Imruland. The crisis began on the night.

Address to the nation of Shams Chomsky Rafi

A case was filled on the Supreme Court of Imruland against Deputy Prime Minister Shams Chomsky Rafi by member of parliament Arpon Shikder. Vice President Showib Ahmmed declared a one-day state emergency on November 13, the day of the hearing, to avoid any untoward situation during the case. He gave a televised speech on the night of 13 November 2022 in Imruland Television (ITV) during the state emergency. He blamed the government for insulting him. He also indirectly blamed the government led by Vice President Showib Ahmmed as corrupted. He said emotionally that he was no longer needed in parliament. He stated that his exercise of power, behavior, ego and interest was questionable by the government. He apologized to everyone for his work and behavior. He also requested to the vice president not to return the resignation letter.


Massive protests were risen inside Imruland following the resignation of Rafi. Many members of the cabinet resigned as a protest. Public Administration Minister Fokhrul Sazzad resigned to make a pressure to Rafi to withdraw his resignation. Laterly Sports and Health Minister Farhana Alam Liza and many cabinet members resigned. Some of parliament members also resigned. Many parliament and cabinet members threatened to resign if Rafi's resignation letter was accepted. Public protests also took place at various places. As the state of emergency continued, the responsibility of maintaining law and order was in the hands of the Imruland Armed Force. Public Administration Minister Fokhrul Sazzad was shot by tha army. 9 people were shot by the army but none died.


Vice President Showib Ahmmed declared a state of emergency for an indefinite period. Shams Chomsky Rafi formed a political party named Imruland National Party (INP) on 14 November 2022. The party was banned and declared all the party members as rebel and conspirator on the next day. The ban was lifted on 17 November 2022 after an agreement between INP and the government. The party was given the status of opposition party of the Parliament of Imruland. Chairman Shams Chomsky Rafi was appointed as the Leader of the Opposition in the rank and status of a cabinet minister. INP was dissolved on 19 November 2022 when it was revealed by the IIA that the party chairman and members were planning to stage a coup d'état even with the status of a opposition party. The party was banned on that time. The government withdrew the emergency on 20 November 2022 and the country returned to a stable situation. After being exiled, Shams Chomsky Rafi threatened to attack Vice President Showib Ahmmed, Prime Minister Sobuj Hossain, Speaker Muzahidul Islam in several times.


Imruland was filled with conspirators and agents of the INP on that time. Showib Ahmmed declared zero tolerance for the conspirators and ordered the Imruland Armed Force to arrest all the members of the party from wherever they could be found. The Imruland Intelligence Agency (IIA) started much investigations to find the conspirators who were mixed with the government officials. Many prominent cabinet and parliament members were banned on the allegation with the connection with INP. On 19 November 2022, IIA revealed that the party were conspiring to overthrow the government and planned to stage a coup d'état. Showib Ahmmed then completely exiled Shams Chomsky Rafi.

Later Improvements

The situation of Imruland was good after the ending of emergency period. The government got much appreciation to control the country's situation during the tough period. Shams Chomsky Rafi retuned to parliament to apologize several times but was again banned for abusing the members of parliament including Prime Minister Sobuj Hossain. Rafi threatened to attack the prime minister in several times. All of the ban on Rafi were withdrew during the 2023 Imruland political crisis, when he revealed the conspiracies of the Imruland Lords Association led by Fokhrul Sazzad. He was called a great patriot of Imruland by President Showib Ahmmed. Currently, Rafi, also known as Mohammed Jadid Shams, is serving as the foreign minister.

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