Efrasachin House of Commons

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House of Commmons of the Efrasachin Empire
SpeakerDowager King Ethan
ChancellorViscount Chatham, TBD (Left-wing)
since April 7, 2021
Leader of the OppositonVacant
political groupsAll
  •      Nonpartisan (5)
last electionN/A (Self-appointment)
last electionMay 2021 (scheduled
Meeting place
Parliamentary Palace, Parsrid (De jure); Legislative Table, Limone (De facto)

The House of Commons of the Efrasachin Empire (Maradi-Efrasachin: Micamhera modales Micomunnes modal’Imperie Melfrasachin) is the unicameral legislative body of the Efrasachin Empire. The House consists of the Monarch, who serves ex officio, and at least three members total (including the Monarch). The Elective Monarchy and Fixed-Term Parliaments Act established that the House consists of a number of members equal to the number of Arrondissments, all elected at-large.

The House was established with the Third Constitution of Efransa [a]. Other predecessors of the House include the Second Efrasachin Parliament, the Council of Lords, and the Audelan Parliament.
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