Carolusian Revolt

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2022 Trasenic Self-coup d'état
Carolusian Revolt
Date30 April 2022
GoalsPrevention of Charles Madgett from taking over as Hertog
  • Military takeover of most counties
Parties to the civil conflict

MensenVolksleger.png Trasenic Defence Forces

Lead figures
MensenFlag1.png President-designate Charles Madgett

MensenVolksleger.png Grand Marshal Sean Dunkerque


The 2022 Trasenic Self-coup d'état, commonly called the Carolusian Revolt, was a successful self-coup against the government of Trasona to prevent Charles Madgett from taking over as President on 1 May 2022. The coup was initiated by Grand Marshal (and then-President) Sean Dunkerque, Col. Thomas Jacobs and Col. Bup. Dunkerque remained the title of Grand Marshal, however Jacobs became President. Though it should be noted that in Trasona, Charles had made one or two statements previously about the election. One of said statements was regarding about how he was inactive and how he would find it "hilarious" if he won the elections as President-designate, which he later did.

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