Canvian Confederation

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Canvian Confederation
Flag of Canvia
Anthem: Rydeen
GovernmentBeanist anocracy
• Chancellor
Owen Bean
LegislatureNational Council
Time zoneUTC-5 (EST)
Date formatmm/dd/yyyy
Driving sideright
Calling code+1
Preceded by
Succeeded by
State of Faltree
Today part of Bepistan

Canvia (/kænviə/), officially the Canvian Confederation, is a self declared sovereign state in North America. It is a successor to the state of the same name.


What is today Canvia was once known as Volnatravia. It originated from Polish words wolna (free) and trawa (grass), to mean "free land." It is unknown where "Canvia" comes from, though considering that alternative names for Canvia include Hempia, Hempland, Hampia, Hampland, and Canfland, it is believed that Canvia and Canfland could possibly originate from English canvas, while Hempia, Hempland, Hampia, and Hampland may originate from English hemp. Canvas and hemp are doublets. Alternatively, it may originate from Catalan canvia, meaning to change. However, this is considered quite unlikely.


The first Confederation was founded in May 2020, with the reelection of Matthew Hamplander and political reforms, but the nation's history goes back a tad farther than that.

Early times

Canvia was a calm and quiet nation ruled by the Brot, where many people simply worked and studied, and the country did not have much going on. But this peace was disrupted when a historical enemy, Sempistan, declared war on Canvia.

Conflict with Sempistan

Canvia had never gone to war, but tensions ran high during the conflict Canvia and their allies had with Sempistan in early 2020. This dispute consisted of encounters between Canvian civilians and a small, poorly trained and poorly equipped Sempistani army. These encounters almost never resulted in injuries, and some were even friendly. It ended on February 13, 2020 when Sempistani leader Xavier surrendered. After this, both sides signed a treaty restricting what Sempistan could do as a country for a certain amount of time, but stating that they should work together. Sempistan was supposed to be subject to harsher terms because of their continued harassment of Canvian citizens, but this never happened.

First Confederation

In late Feburary of 2020, the Confederation was declared, becoming official on 20 May of that year.

Failed rebellion

In March 2020, Chris, a Canvian politician, decided to rebel against then-Prime Minister Matthew Hamplander and it was announced on national television. He was alleged to have received the support of the Sempistani government, but this has never been proven. The rebellion never picked up enough support, however, and Hamplander remained interim Prime Minister.

Last days of confederation

On March 13, 2020, the United States mostly shut down because of the coronavirus, and Canvia did as well, though there was never a formal order from the government to do so. The country soon opened up to an extent. In May 2020, Matthew Hamplander ran for the office of Prime Minister against 2 other opponents and won. He later picked AC as President. He left this position on 10 October 2020 because he was perceived by some to be too right leaning as Prime Minister, and he was thought of as being a strict rule follower of the US government, earning him the nicknames of "Hall Monitor", "Boot Boy", and "Cop Whore" among some Canvians. His loyalty to Canvia was questioned, but he was cleared of any wrongdoing. He was succeeded by AC, and EC became President.

Union with Kavberk

On 25 Feburary 2021, the leaders of Canvia and Kavberk, a partially simulationist nation that had been closely allied with Canvia and had a common history with Canvia, decided to unite. Canvians cited their deteriorating political system as a reason to unite with Kavberk. OK, former president of Kavberk, became president of the new nation, called Kavia, with Matthew being dismissed from the position of vice president, which was then taken by AC, former prime minister of Canvia.

Second Confederation

At the end of the 2021 Kavian political crisis, Owen Bean n was overthrown and OK became President, resulting in Canvia seceding from Kavia. Bean would later return to the Presidency, but Canvia remained independent.

The Great Acceleration

On 1 April 2021, when Canvia was still a part of Kavia, then-President Bean announced The Great Acceleration, a plan to "rapidly increase, expand and improve the Kavian economy, agriculture, military and education system, and to make Kavia as self reliant as possible." This plan went on after Canvian independence and started on 1 June.

Annexation into Faltree

On 2 June 2021, after many people had left the country, the governments of Canvia and Faltree agreed to absorb Canvia into Faltree, becoming the counties of Tug Hill and Oak. The Great Acceleration was set to continue. Canvia then became a region of Faltree known as Faltrian Canvia.



Foreign relations

Canvia is a member state of the Union of Great Lakes Micronations.

Official relations


Informal relations


Administrative regions

Canvia ia made up of three provinces and one special administrative region.


Special administrative regions