Faltrian Canvia

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Flag of Canvia
CapitalMawagura (De-facto)
Hunt Powell
• Governor
Owen Bean
National animalGoose

Canvia, formerly known as Faltrian Canvia, or more informally as Falcan, was a region in Faltree comprised of the counties of Oak and Tug Hill. Canvia was a successor to the First Canvian Confederation, and had been designated as a Faltrian governate since 2 June 2021 after Canvia was annexed by Faltree.


What is today Canvia was once known as Volnatravia. It originated from Polish words wolna (free) and trawa (grass), with the Latin suffix used to form abstract nouns, -ia. It is unknown where "Canvia" comes from, though considering that alternative names for Canvia include Hempia, Hempland, Hampia, Hampland, and Canfland, it is believed that Canvia and Canfland could possibly originate from English canvas, while Hempia, Hempland, Hampia, and Hampland may originate from English hemp. Canvas and hemp are doublets. Alternatively, it may originate from Catalan canvia, meaning to change. However, this is considered quite unlikely.


Canvia was under the jurisdiction of the Faltrian government and held three seats as representation in the Faltrian Senate. Owen Bean was the appointed governor of Canvia by the Commander of Faltree and was responsible for the local administration of Canvia.

Climate and geography