Wickham War

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Wickham War
Picture of Lake Wickham
Date21 February - 25 March 2022
Result Trasenic victory,
Pinang relinquishes claims to Wickham

MensenFlag1.png Trasona
WickhamFlag.png Province of Wickham
Diplomatic support:
Flag of Gasconade.svg Meanwealth of Gasconade

24 February to 22 March
Flag of Pinang.svg Pinangese Republic
Commanders and leaders
MensenFlag1.png WickhamFlag.png Ali Ergashev
MensenFlag1.png António Fernández
until 28 February
MensenFlag1.png Louis de Blois
28 February to 7 March
MensenFlag1.png Flag of Gasconade.svg Joshua Stoddard
7 to 22 March
MensenFlag1.png Hunt Powell
from 22 March
Flag of Pinang.svg Esty Carpentieri
until 15 March
Flag of Pinang.svg May Junkin
from 15 March
Flag of Pinang.svg Joshua Braithwaite
Units involved
1stHB.png 1st Hertogsbataljon Military Forces of Pinang
2 0

The Wickham War was a war between Trasona and Pinangese Republic over the Province of Wickham. It was started after President Ali Ergashev sent an ultimatum to President Esty Carpentieri, demanding Pinang to relinquish all claims to the Province of Wickham. On 25 March 2022, new Pinangese President May Junkin and Ergashev announced that the war had ended and Trasona is now in full control of Wickham with the signing of the Treaty of Wickham.


At 3:16 UTC on 15 February 2022, the head of state of Trasona, Ergashev ordered an ultimatum to Pinang, demanding the relinquishment of all claims to the then-Province of Wickham, or Trasona will deploy troops and annex Wickham. In return, Carpentieri denied the ultimatum and issued a lawsuit for Treason under Pinangese law, as O'Lachtna was then a citizen of Pinang. In response, O'Lachtna requested and was given a declaration of war from the Volksraad and started the first ever mobilisation of troops in Trasona's history.

As Wickham was in close proximity to Trasona and far from Pinang, there was not much Pinang could do besides request a talk between the two nations. Pinangese Foreign Minister David Brooke requested a meeting on the 16th, but O'Lachtna denied unless the lawsuit was dropped. The lawsuit was not dropped, and communications between the two ceased.


Battle of Lake Wickham

At 18:00 UTC, 21 February, the now-mobilised 1st Hertogsbataljon (1st Duke's Battalion) invaded Wickham from Port St. Jeanne Beach on Lake Wickham to no resistance and has occupied it thus far.

O'Lachnta stated shortly after the invasion that he intends "to use Wickham as a scientific research area for marine biology," with the idea of creating the Lake Wickham Institute for Marine Biology after the war was over. O'Lachtna also stated that it would be used as a military base for the 1HB.

Several hours after the battle, O'Lachtna addressed to Trasona, "I will be waiting for President Carpentieri of Pinang to deliver a message agreeing to give up Wickham, before any treaty is signed ending the war." Carpentieri has not yet officially responded to the invasion.

Gasconadian support

On 24 February, Folkalder Joshua Stoddard addressed the Meanwealth of Gasconade with support of the Mensen cause, saying, "The Folkalder of the Meanwealth of Gasconade supports the efforts of our historic ally [Trasona] in their conflict against Pinang. I hope that the so-called Wickham Conflict ends quickly and without bloodshed." Gasconadian support ended on 22 March when Gasconade officially dissolved.

The Wickham Question

After the battle took place, two ideological camps started to arise. The Unconditionalists believed that Pinang had no right to Wickham and that unconditional surrender was necessary, and the Occupationists believed that a joint occupation was the better and more feasible solution. The Unconditionalists took an early stand as the Stoddard II Cabinet supported Unconditionalism, whereas Occupationists are a more unorganised group. On 10 March, Trasona officially laid claim to Wickham as a dependency of Arnhem, becoming a county on 22 March.


On 15 March 2022, May Junkin was inaugurated as President of Pinang. Many Unconditionalists saw this as a quick chance to end the war in favour of Trasona. Soon after, O'Lachtna and Junkin went into negotiations. On 25 March, 2022, the Pinangese officially declared their relinquishment of Wickham in the Treaty of Wickham, a Trasenic Unconditionalist victory.