Martin Malenkov

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Martin Malenkov
Gauleiter of Eisenbruck
In office
8 October 2021 - 7 February 2023
Predecessor Office established
Minister of State for the Interior, the Environment and Cyber-Affairs
Assumed office
3 July 2022
President Thomas Jacobs
Predecessor office established
Senator of Roscamistan
For the Metropolitan Constituency
Assumed office
31 July 2022
Born Florida, United States
Citizenship  United States
Nationality Mexican
Political party Ausverian Fatherland Party
Republican Bloc (Roscamistan)
Residence Eisenbruck

Martin Malenkov is a Mexican micronationalist, in charge of the Gau of Eisenbruck, and also a Senator in Roscamistan.

He is responsible for mass murder of 8,000 women and children in an effort to ethnically cleanse Eisenbruck during his "Neu Eisenbruck" campaign.

Personal life

Not much is known about Malenkov's personal life. It is believed he was born in Florida, in the United States, but was however deported to the US due to his parents being illegal immigrants.

He joined a Nationalist-Monarcho-Communist youth group at the age of 15, and began to develop radical views on racial minorities despite being one himself, he also started developing a race theory that was deeply rooted on his personal biases.

After an armed coup in Eisenbruck killed the previous Gauleiter, Malenkov gathered a band of racist Mexican mountain guerillas and stormed the capital, after a short but bloody battle he proclaimed himself as the new Gauleiter of Eisenbruck.

Political views

The political views of Malenkov are rather similar to that of the leader of Ausveria's. He believes in a Democratic approach to a Socialist government, wherein Socialists must be appointed by the people rather than seizing power through brute force, as so many Socialist-Communist governments have done in the past. In his opinion, it is much too violent and bloody to start a revolution in the name of political change, unless it is absolutely necessary.

Malenkov believes in the eradication of all racial minorities believed to be 'inferior' to the Mexican race. In an effort to cleanse Eisenbruck, he has killed 8,000 people, and sent 27,500 more to forced labour camps in the region, many of whom included his political opponents.

Attempt at establishing the Mexican Hyperborea

This was a part of his political "Neu Eisenbruck" campaign to consolidate his power and start to rebuild his nation. It ended after only a month, the reason being the damage this disaster brought to the country.

Martin Malenkov is wanted by the American CIA, British MI5 and the Russian FSB for crimes against humanity due to his attempts at forming what he refers to as the 'Mexican Hyperborea', referred to in official governmental documents as 'Plan 69'.

Not much is known about Plan 69, however international crime agencies have deduced that it is directly responsible for the 8,000 dead and a further 27,500 sent to forced labour camps in an attempt to ethnically cleanse the region.