January 2023 Roscamistan senatorial election

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January 2023 Roscamistan senatorial election

← July 2022 4-5 January 2022
7-8 January 2023 (run-offs)[a]
July 2023 →

9 seats
5 seats needed for a majority
  Majority party Minority party
Leader Nyck Bradaten Jan Kotoński
Party Patriot Coalition[b] Coalition for Democratic Unity[c]
Leader since 24 December 2022 16 December 2022[d]
Last election None[e] None[f]
Seats before 5 3
Seats won 4 2
Seat change -1 -1
Caucus Majority Minority/Majority

  Fourth party
Leader Zanium van Assfold None
Party Independent
Leader since December 2022
Last election None July 2022
Seats before 0 1
Seats won 1 2
Seat change 1 1

Majority Leader before election

Jan Kotoński

Elected Majority Leader


The January 2023 Roscamistan senatorial election was the second election to the Senate since that body was made elected. The main groups in this election are the Patriot Coalition, the Coalition for Democratic Unity, the Roscami Ergatist Front, and independents. The election results proved inconclusive, and the vote counting and determining who won in each constituency occured until 7 January.

A run off was held on 7 January 2023 for the metropolitan constituency and the overseas constituency. Falcone de Los Santos, Tobey Wyles and Zanium van Assfold won in the outer constituency, negating the need for a run off. On the 8th, it was announced that the metropolitan constituency had gone fully Republican Bloc, displacing Majority Leader Jan Kotoński of the Roscamistan Republican Socialist Party.


The last election on the 4th and 10th of July 2022 to the Senate resulted in a win for the Republican Bloc and aligned parties, allowing them to form an 8 member Majority Caucus. The Minority Caucus was reduced to a singular member, Hunt Powell who became the Minority Leader that same day. Jan Kotoński would remain Majority Leader and Marco Hasse as Majority Whip.

On the 20th, the Two Day War began, and the seat occupied by Hasse and his positions overall were revoked for his leading role in attempting a coup, thus leaving an empty seat. Eventually a special election for the seat was held on the 30th, with Martin Malenkov running against Hasse, with Malenkov winning the vote, becoming a senator.

In late August 2022, Sean Dunkerque resigned from his seat in the Senate for his Supreme Court position, causing a special election to be held. The election was held on the 3rd of September, and was won uncontested by Falcone de Los Santos, previously a Senator in the first (appointed) Senate.

In late December 2022, John Fenandez, Senator for the overseas constituency and Governor of Motofia, retired from the Senate, vacating his seat a week before the election.

Electoral system

The Senate is elected every six months by single transferable vote in multi-member electoral districts. Each district has three senators each. The metropolitan constituency is composed of the provinces of Galway City, Mervustan, and Galway City; the outer constituency is composed of the provinces of Connemara, Ennis, Lochrey and Irish Cape; and the overseas constituency is composed of the provinces of Audoù-an-Arvor and Motofia.


The election resulted in the Patriot Coalition holding a simple majority of the seats, though the Roscami Ergatist Front lost its only seat. Independents increased to holding 2 seats.

Election of the Majority Leader & Whip

After the election, both Jan Kotoński and Conor Newman, Leader and Whip of the Majority Caucus, both lost their seats, vacating their positions. This meant that the caucus was left without leadership.


  1. For metropolitan and overseas constituency
  2. Alliance of Republican Bloc, Sheetfuckery Party, Roscami Ergatist Front, and Free Roscami Party
  3. Alliance of Democratic Action - The People’s Movement, Roscamistan Republican Socialist Party and the Roscami People's Party
  4. Has been Majority Leader since April 2022
  5. Republican Bloc held 3 seats, Sheetfuckery and Roscami Ergatist Front held 1 each, and the Free Roscami Party held none at the time of the last election
  6. DA had 2 seats and RRSP had 1