Roscami Ergatist Front

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Roscami Ergatist Front (REF)
LeaderConor Newman
Founded30 August 2022
Dissolved10 April 2023
Headquarters Connemara
Membership (2022)2
  • Ergatism
    Conservative socialism
    Roscami nationalism
Political positionRight-wing
National affiliationRoscami Democratic Patriotic Front
ColorsDark Green
0 / 9
Chamber of Representatives
0 / 16
Provincial Governments
0 / 12
Party flag

The Roscami Ergatist Front was a right-wing political party in Roscamistan, led by Conor Newman. It followed the Assemblian-born ideology of Ergatism, created by Newman. At its peak, it held the Governorship of Connemara. It was dissolved on 10 April 2023 following the merge between Ergatism and Parstollism.