Governor of Connemara

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Governor of Connemara
Rialtóir na gConamara (Irish)
Coat of arms of Connemara
Executive branch of the Government of Connemara
StyleThe Honourable (Formal)
His Excellency (Diplomatic)
Member ofExecutive Council
Legislative Assembly
ResidenceRoundstone Town
AppointerDirect election
Term length3 months
Inaugural holderTadhg O’Regan
DeputyLieutenant Governor of Connemara

The Governor of Connemara is the chief executive of Connemara, and is elected by the people of Connemara. The Governor was established as an appointed position, appointed by the President, with the Prime Minister of Connemara as actual chief executive. In late August 2022, the parliamentary democracy in Connemara was abolished, and the Governor became an elected position. The incumbent Governor is Conor Newman.

List of Governors

Name Portrait Term of office Political party

(color denotes faction)

Lieutenant Governor
1 Tadhg O’Regan 19 October 2021 23 August 2022 308 days Republican Bloc None
2 Ali Farrokhzad 23 August 2022 20 October 2022 58 days Roscami Ergatist Front None
3 Conor Newman 20 October 2022 27 June 2023 250 days None None None