Government of Connemara

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Government of Connemara

Rialtas na Conamara
Coat of arms of Connemara
Polity typeDevolved presidential government
ConstitutionProvincial Government Act
FormationJuly 29, 2021; 2 years ago (2021-07-29)
Legislative branch
NameLegislative Assembly
Meeting placeClifden
Presiding officervacant, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly
Executive branch
Head of State and Government
CurrentlyConor Newman
AppointerDirect election
NameExecutive Council of Connemara
Current cabinetNewman II
HeadquartersClifden (de jure)
MinistriesDepartment of Home Affairs
Department of Agriculture
Department of the Cabinet
Department of Culture
Judicial branch
Superior Court in Connemara
Chief judgeSuperior Judge, vacant

The Government of Connemara was the devolved administration in the Province of Connemara. The executive branch of government gained its power from the Governor, elected by the people. The Legislative Assembly served as the provincial legislature.


Early history

The history of the government is in the First Jacobs Presidency, when it was planned to have a provincial authority in a proposed Connemara, but these plans were scrapped by Captain James Irwin when he became President after sacking Thomas Jacobs. These plans were brought back when Thomas Jacobs wanting a new government in the new province of Connemara, achieving Connemaran self-government with Liam David King as the first Prime Minister, and Evan O’Neill as the representative of the President.

Later history

After an argument between David King and President Jacobs, the Premiership was abolished and the High Commission for Connemara was created with Evan O’Neill as High Commissioner, his position became Prime Minister and the High Commission was abolished, and Tadhg O’Regan as Governor of Connemara.


In August 2022, the Parliamentary system of Government in Connemara was abolished, and was replaced by a single-executive system under the Provincial Governor.


After Roscamistan federalised in June 2023, Connemara was dissolved as one of the provinces to be ceded back to Ireland. The Government was therefore dissolved with it.