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Province of Ennis
O’Connell Street, 2005
O’Connell Street, 2005
Flag of Ennis
Ennis is Ennis
TypeDirectly ruled province
 • GovernorVacant
 • Lieutenant GovernorVacant
 • Governing PartyNone
 • Total76 km2 (29 sq mi)
Time zoneGMT

The Province of Ennis was the second southernmost province of Roscamistan after the Province of Limerick. It was abolished on 13 February 2023, and replaced with the Ennis Military Zone.

History of the Province

The Province was created by President Thomas Jacobs and his domestic affairs advisor, Kacper Witeh, as a trade-off to the now defunct Mountains of Clare province.


The Province was comprised of the Clare county town of Ennis, and the surrounding 5km radius.

Sport and leisure

GAA was a popular sport within Roscami Ennis, along with Gaelic football, and soccer[a].


History of the Government

The Province was provisionally currently run by the Home Office, which had plans to introduce an semi autonomous government to the province for an autonomous Ennis Executive Council as opposed to the current one run by the Governor, being the executive with a legislative council, to deal with matters devolved to it. The plan was scrapped, with Ludwig Collins, Governor of Galway City, made Governor of Ennis with additional charge.

Final Government

The province was ran by the Governor of Ennis.


  1. Called football elsewhere in the world. When football is used in Ireland, it refers to Gaelic Football, while soccer is used to describe what is called football internationally