Patriot Coalition

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Patriot Coalition
ChairmanNyck Bradaten (SP)
Executive CommitteeThomas Jacobs (RB)
Amir Gwaj (FRP)
Nyck Bradaten (SP)
Founded24 December 2022; 10 months ago (2022-12-24)
Dissolved16 January 2023
Succeeded byRoscami Democratic Patriotic Front
Membership (2022)20
Ideology • Conservatism

 • Anti-Communism

Political positionRight-wing
OppositionCoalition for Democratic Unity
ColoursDark purple
Member parties Republican Bloc
Sheetfuckery Party
Free Roscami Party
Roscami Ergatist Front
President of Roscamistan[a]
1 / 1
Chamber of Representatives (Roscamistan)
10 / 16
Provincial Government
8 / 11
4 / 9

The Patriot Coalition (PC) was a right-wing electoral alliance composed of Republican Bloc, the Sheetfuckery Party, the Free Roscami Party and the Roscami Ergatist Front, created to counter the rise of the left and socialism in Roscamistan. The alliance was formed in the early hours of the 24th of December 2022 after an electoral alliance was proposed over the week leading up to the 24th. Nyck Bradaten was designated the first Chairman of the Coalition and its leader in the Senate, by the Executive Committee of the Coalition.

The PC was dissolved after the 2023 Roscami coup d’etat after Thomas Jacobs and his allies established the Roscami Government in Exile. The Coalition de facto was succeeded by the Roscami Democratic Patriotic Front.