Governor of Audoù-an-Arvor

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Governor of Audoù-an-Arvor
Flag of Audoù-an-Arvor
Azwariq Qadri

since 30 January 2023
Executive branch of the Government of Audoù-an-Arvor
StyleThe Honourable (formal)
His Excellency (diplomatic)
ResidenceArvorian House
NominatorSelf or political party
AppointerDirect election
Term lengthThree months, no term limits
Inaugural holderIoannis na Brezhoneg
DeputyLieutenant Governor (See Dzozyp Trick)

The Governor of Audoù-an-Arvor is the chief executive of the Province of Audoù-an-Arvor, the Roscami province located in Brittany, France. The current governor is Azwariq Qadri since 30 January 2023, after Nyck Bradaten stepped down instead of running a third term. Governors are elected in July, October, January and April. The Lieutenant Governor serves as the deputy to the Governor.


The Governor serves as the elected chief executive within the province, and is elected alongside his lieutenant governor every three months. The Governor can create executive orders, represents the province in the College of Governor, can create legislation for the Legislative Assembly, and appoints a Executive Council of provincial secretaries.

List of governors

No. Picture Name Political Party Term begin Term end Time in office Lieutenant
1 Ioannis na Brezhoneg
(Born 2006)
Green Liberals 10 April 2022 18 July 2022 99 days Bryce Smith
2 Bryce Smith
(Born 2002)
Liberal 18 July 2022 25 July 2022 7 days None
3 Nyck Bradaten
(Born 2009)
Sheetfuckery 25 July 2022 30 January 2023 189 days Džözyp Trick
4 Azwariq Qadri
(Born 2 February 2008)
Independent 30 January 2023 present 308 days