Pirate Party of Roscamistan

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Pirate Party of Roscamistan
LeaderA.J Crowley
FounderAddison Dillon
Founded19 April 2022
Dissolved16 January 2023
Headquarters Galway City
Membership (2023)1
Pirate politics
Pragmatic economics
Political positionSyncretic
0 / 9
Chamber of Representatives
0 / 16

The Pirate Party of Roscamistan was a populist party in the Republic of Roscamistan, led by A.J Crowley. The Party was founded on 19 April 2022, and dissolved on 16 January 2023.

After Addison Dillion's departure from Roscamistan in early December 2022, Supreme Court Justice A.J Crowley the only other party member assumed the leadership.