Evan O'Neill

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The Honourable Admiral
Evan O’Neill
Depiction of Evan
2nd Prime Minister of Connemara
In office
19 October 2021 - 23 August 2022
President Thomas Jacobs
Adam Flannery
Thomas Jacobs
Governor Tadhg O’Regan
Predecessor Himself (as High Commissioner for Connemara)
Liam David King (as Prime Minister)
Successor office abolished (replaced by Sean Dunkerque as executive Governor)
House of Delegates Roundstone (100%)
High Commissioner for Connemara
In office
September 2021 to 19 October 2021
President Thomas Jacobs
Predecessor Himself (as Governor-General and Liam David King (as Prime Minister)
Successor Himself (as Prime Minister)
Governor General of Connemara
In office
29 July 2021 to September 2021
President Thomas Jacobs
Prime Minister Liam David King
Predecessor office established
Successor Himself (as High Commissioner)
2nd Minister of Agriculture of Roscamistan
In office
4 October 2021 to 28 November 2021
President Thomas Jacobs
Predecessor Tadhg O’Regan
Successor Samuel Newman
Personal information
Born 2007 (age 15–16)
Birth name Evan O’Neill
Citizenship  Ireland
Nationality Irish
Political party Republican Bloc (2021-present)
Other political
Freedom Party (2021)
Residence  Connemara
Occupation Politician, soccer player, student
Profession Soccer player
Committees High Commission for Connemara (formerly)
Portfolio Prime Minister of Connemara
Religion Roman Catholic
Military service
Nickname(s) Premier O’Neill
The Governor’s Admiral
Allegiance  Roscamistan
Service/branch National Navy
In service 2021-present
Rank Admiral
Unit Connemara Rangers (navy branch)

Evan O’Neill (born November 2007), is an Irish inactive micronationalist and naval officer who was the second and final Prime Minister of the Province of Connemara, having previously been High Commissioner and also Governor-General.

Early life

Not much is given on his early life other than he is a long time friend of Tadhg O’Regan a friend of Thomas Jacobs. He was born in Ireland in November 2007.

Roscamistan career

Evan was invited by Thomas Jacobs to help him create an autonomous government in the Province of Connemara on 29 July 2021, in the early stages of the Second Jacobs Presidency. He became the Governor-General, the de jure representative of the Central Government. Liam David King became the first Prime Minister of Connemara. De facto Evan O’Neill was the head of government.

High Commissioner

In September 2021, Liam David King had an argument with Thomas Jacob, leaving the Provincial Government, and the position was abolished. O’Neill became both the representative of the Central Government and de jure head of government. Then the position of Governor-General was abolished and reformed into the High Commissioner for Connemara. O’Neill became the first High Commissioner.


In October 2021, the Central Government abolished the High Commission, and created the positions of Governor of Connemara and the Prime Minister of Connemara. O’Neill became the second Prime Minister of Connemara, and Tadhg O’Regan became the first Governor.