Minister of Agriculture (Roscamistan)

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Minister of Agriculture of Roscamistan
Aire Talmhaíochta na Roscaoinistan (Irish)
Coat of arms of Roscamistan
Alex Iwasaki

since 19 June 2022
Ministry of Agriculture
StyleMr Agriculture Minister (informal)
The Honourable (formal)
His Excellency (diplomatic)
Member ofCabinet
AppointerPresident of the Republic
Term lengthAt the pleasure of the President
Inaugural holderTadhg O’Regan

The Minister of Agriculture, officially the Minister of Agriculture of Roscamistan, is a member of the Cabinet of Roscamistan and the senior minister at the Ministry of Agriculture. The Minister is responsible for agriculture, keeping farmers’ unions happy, and managing the agricultural side of Roscamistan. The position was formed in April 2021 for Tadhg O’Regan, a good friend of Thomas Jacobs’s. He kept his position during the Irwin Presidency and the Second Jacobs Presidency until 5 October 2021, when Evan O’Neill was appointed to the position. He was removed on 28 November 2021, and replaced by the third Minister, Samuel Newman, a secondary school friend of Thomas Jacobs, later replaced by Ali Farrokhzad and later Jacobs himself.


The position of Minister of Agriculture was created in April 2021 for Tadhg O’Regan. He was an effective minister, staying loyal to Thomas Jacobs till the 17thMayCoup, when Jacobs was removed from the presidency. James Irwin took over, but did not sack O’Regan, as he was also a good friend of his. When Irwin resigned on 23 June 2021 and Jacobs took back control, O’Regan stayed as Minister of Agriculture.

On 5 October 2021, O’Regan was removed from his position, and replaced by his friend Evan O’Neill. He was sacked for refusing to attend cabinet meetings, and replaced on 28 November 2021 by the third Minister, Samuel Newman.

On 15 May 2022, a cabinet reshuffle removed Samuel Newman from the agriculture portfolio, and the position was given to Ali Farrokhzad, who later resigned as minister, citing lack of knowledge in the field. Thomas Jacobs would then appoint himself to the position on 16 May 2022. Alex Iwasaki was later appointed on 19 June 2022.


The Minister reports to the President, and helps with the agricultural side of the Roscami economy. The Minister is responsible also for agricultural unions formed in Roscamistan.

List of Ministers

No. Picture Name Political Party Term begin Term end
1 Tadhg O’Regan
(Born 1 August 2008 )
Freedom 18 February 2021 5 October 2021
2 Evan O’Neill
(Born November 2007 )
Independent 5 October 2021 28 November 2021
3 Samuel Newman
(Born 23 February 2008 )
United 28 November 2021 15 May 2022
4 Ali Farrokhzad
(Born 3 July 2007)
United 15 May 2022 16 May 2022
5 Thomas Jacobs
(Born 3 February 2008)
United 16 May 2022 19 June 2022
6 Alex Iwasaki
(Born 17 April 2009)
Republican Bloc 19 June 2022 present