Ministry of Agriculture (Roscamistan)

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Ministry of Agriculture
Aireacht Talmhaíocht (Irish)
Ministry of Agriculture of Roscamistan.png
Logo of the Ministry of Agriculture
Agency overview
FormedApril 2021
TypeAgriculture ministry
JurisdictionGovernment of Roscamistan
HeadquartersRoscam (de facto)
Minister responsible
Agency executive
Parent AgencyCabinet

The Ministry of Agriculture of Roscamistan is the department of government responsible for agriculture and farming in the Republic of Roscamistan. The department was founded in April 2021, when Tadhg O’Regan was made Minister of Agriculture, and stayed in his position till 5 October 2021, when Evan O’Neill became Agriculture Minister. After he became the 2nd Prime Minister of Connemara on 19 October 2021, he became the provincial agriculture minister. After refusing to attend Cabinet, O’Neill was sacked and replaced with then-Unterhaus Speaker Samuel Newman. The incumbent is Alex Iwasaki.