Prime Minister of Connemara

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Prime Minister of the Province of Connemara
Príomh-Aire na gConamara (Irish)
Provincial flag of Connemara
Cabinet of Connemara
StyleThe Honourable (Formal)
his Excellency (Diplomatic)
ResidenceProvincial Government House
AppointerGovernor of Connemara
Term lengthCommanding the confidence of the Legislative Assembly of Connemara
Inaugural holderLiam David King, Baron David King
Unofficial namesPremier of Connemara
DeputyDeputy Prime Minister of Connemara

The Prime Minister, officially the Prime Minister of Connemara, was the head of government of the Province of Connemara twice in the history of Connemara, and was subordinate to the Governor of Connemara, the chief representative of the President of the Republic in Connemara. The Prime Minister was selected by the Legislative Assembly, and appointed by the Governor of Connemara.


First creation

the position of prime minister was created by Thomas Jacobs to help make Connemara province a proper autonomous province, and the first Prime Minister of Connemara was Liam David King, 1st Baron David King, who was ineffective at his job, and a month or two later, he and President Jacobs argued, and then Baron David King resigned, President Jacobs abolished the position, giving the powers to the Governor General of Connemara, Evan O’Neill , who’s position became the High Commissioner for Connemara,


The position was recreated on 19 October 2021, for Evan O’Neill, who’s position of High Commissioner was abolished and he was made Prime Minister of Connemara, Tadhg O’Regan was made Governor of Connemara, who became the President’s representative in Connemara.

Suspension of the Prime Minister’s powers

After finding out O’Neill not being so fond politically of Thomas Jacobs, Jacobs decided on, 3 November 2021, as part of the Reforms of November 2021, he would use the reserve powers in his capacity as President to suspend the executive and legislature for 6 months with Tadhg O’Regan appointed Viceroy to run the Province. Evan was granted the powers back on 5 November 2021.

Duties and responsibilities

The Prime Minister was de facto leader of the province, and as such was considered the one to hold accountable. The Prime Minister was normally a member of the Legislative Assembly, the 7 seat unicameral legislature of Connemara, and was appointed by the Governor of Connemara to serve at his pleasure, which was one year normally.

Deputy Prime Minister of Connemara

The Deputy Prime Minister was the provincial deputy head of government of Connemara, and was nominated by the Prime Minister, and appointed by the Governor. The Deputy Prime Minister would become Acting Prime Minister if the Prime Minister was unable to execute his powers.

List of Prime Ministers

No. Picture Name Political Party Term begin Term end
1 Liam David King
(Born 2008)
Independent 29 July 2021 September 2021
Post abolished (September 2021 to 19 October 2021)
2 Evan O’Neill
(November 2007)
United Party 19 October 2021 23 August 2022
Post abolished (23 August 2022 - present)