Prime Minister of Greater Roscam

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Prime Minister of the Province of Greater Roscam
Flag of Greater Roscam

since 2 August 2022
Executive Council of Greater Roscam
StyleThe Honourable (in Greater Roscam and in Roscamistan)
his Excellency (Diplomatic)
Member ofExecutive Council
Legislative Assembly
NominatorLegislative Assembly
AppointerGovernor of Greater Roscam
Term lengthCommanding the confidence of the Legislative Assembly of Greater Roscam
Inaugural holderThomas Jacobs
Unofficial namesPremier of Greater Roscam
DeputyDeputy Prime Minister

The Prime Minister of the Province of Greater Roscam was the head of government and the de facto head of the executive branch of the Greater Roscam Government from 25 November 2021 to 2 August 2022, when an executive governorship was introduced by the Legislative Assembly.

The Prime Minister was appointed by the Governor on recommendation of the Legislative Assembly of Greater Roscam.


The position was created to further the autonomy of Greater Roscam. Thomas Jacobs, a native and founder of Greater Roscam, became the first Prime Minister, and Culann Burke as his deputy.

Suspension of powers

After the passing of the Lieutenant Governors Act,[1] Jacobs, in his capacity as Governor of Greater Roscam, decided to suspend the powers of the Prime Minister before a proposed referendum on 1 May 2022. The planned referendum failed, and the province was kept parliamentary.


On 2 August 2022, a proposal by Jacobs passed the Legislative Assembly, and abolished the premiership and parliamentary system.


The Prime Minister was considered de facto leader of the Province of Greater Roscam, and as such was, along with the Executive Council, responsible for most administration and executive duties in the province, with the exception of appointments, which are vested with the Governor of Greater Roscam. The Prime Minister was selected by the legislative assembly, and is required to keep their confidence to stay in power.

The Prime Minister's duties were in the broadest sense:

  • Advised the Governor in matters of appointments and dismissals.
  • Keeping the confidence of the Legislative Assembly.
  • The running of the executive branch in the name of the Governor.
  • Managing of the City-Region of Roscam due to its status as de facto capital of Roscamistan at large.


The Prime Minister was assisted in his work by the Deputy Prime Minister. The deputy is normally also given a cabinet position to run as well as being deputy head of government of Greater Roscam.

List of prime ministers

No. Picture Name Political Party Term begin Term end
1 File:Transformers.jpeg Thomas Jacobs
(3 February 2008 – present)
United Party 25 November 2021 2 August 2022