Greater Roscam

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Greater Roscam
Ros Caoin Mór
Province of Greater Roscam
Roscam Tower, the name sake of the province
Roscam Tower, the name sake of the province
Flag of Greater Roscam
Coat of arms of Greater Roscam
Coat of arms
Etymology: Roscam Tower
“For the Motherland, We Fight!”
Country Roscamistan
Established13 May 2021
Founded byThomas Jacobs
Named forRoscam
and largest city
Official languagesIrish
Ethnic groups
Catholicism (official)
GovernmentSingle-executive government under a federal Catholic republic
• Governor
Joseph Montgomery
• Superior Judge
Samuel Newman
• Governing party
National Catholic League
LegislatureLegislative Assembly
Federal representation
• Provincial Deputy to Congress
Thomas Jacobs
• Total
79 km2 (31 sq mi)
• 2022 estimate
19 (2nd)

Greater Roscam, officially known as the Province of Greater Roscam, is one of the four provinces of Roscamistan. Greater Roscam was founded on the 13th of May 2021. It is bordered by Oranmore in the east and Mervustan to the west.



The Province of Greater Roscam first began life as the Region of Roscam, alongside the Regions of Dougiska and Oranmore, and it was only in May 2021, before the 17thMayCoup, that the three regions merge together as the Province of Greater Roscam, and has remained that size since.


On 25 November 2021, the province was given devolution, with the position of Prime Minister of Greater Roscam being created. Thomas Jacobs became the first Prime Minister, and Culann Burke became the Deputy Prime Minister of Greater Roscam.

RLF-Greater Roscam war

In January 2022, the Roscam Liberation Front, which founded Roscamistan was declared protected by the devolved government in Roscam City. In response the Central Government in the national capital Galway City declared it would suspend the devolved government over this. In February 2022, the Roscam Liberation Front went rogue, removing President Thomas Jacobs as its supreme commander and declaring itself to overthrow the government. This started the 2022 RLF-Greater Roscam war, which saw the Roscamistan Volunteer Force fight the Front for around a week. With assistance from the Ballinfoylish army, the Front alongside its ally the Ballinfoylish Syndicalist Front was defeated.

Government change

In late 2022 the parliamentary system was dissolved and replaced by a presidential government. The office of Prime Minister of Greater Roscam was abolished and its powers transferred to the Governor.

Civil war

In January 2023, opposition rebel groups organised themselves the South Galwegian Republican Army, which declared the then-region of Oranmore as the unrecognised South Galwegian Democratic Republic. In response to this, Defence Secretary Jan Kotoński announced martial law in the province. The National Army was sent to Oranmore, with minor scuffles occurring between it and the rebels.

The region of Oranmore was separated to become its own province in February 2023. The war continued even after this, with it ending on the 26th.


After Roscamistan became a federation in June 2023, Greater Roscam remained unchanged, as one of the four provinces of Roscamistan. The Province also became entitled to send one provincial deputy to the newly made National Congress. Thomas Jacobs was elected unopposed as the 1st deputy from the province.

Government and politics


The Governor acts as the provincial chief executive, and appoints the ministers, who form the Executive Council. The Legislative Assembly passes all provincial laws, and the Superior Court acts as the judicial branch.

As a province of Roscamistan, it is entitled to have its own government and to elect one deputy to the federal National Congress. Thomas Jacobs served as the current deputy. It also has a militia, the Greater Roscam Army, also is stationed in the province.


The province is dominated by the National Catholic League, which alongside its predecessors, has been in control of the province, and also has its headquarters in the province.


The province is composed of regions, the second level divisions of the Federation. The regions serve as cultural and survey areas, except if they are granted autonomy. The regions are

  • Doughiska
  • Rockam
  • Briarhill
  • Ross Hill


The province is made up of mainly Irish, with American minorities.

Notable features

The Province is home to the City-Region of Roscam, which is the capital of the province and the de facto capital of Roscamistan.

The Roscam Tower is a National Monument, though is difficult to get to as it is on privately owned land. The majority of Greater Roscam is either rural or suburban, with most of the modern infrastructure was constructed in the 2000s and 2010s.