Queenslandian Capital Territory

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Queenslandian Capital Territory
Territory of the Queensland
Flag of Queenslandian Capital Territory
For the Queen, the Law, and the People
 • TypeParliamentary constitutional monarchy
 • Lord LieutenantThe Duke of Horsens
 • Chief MinisterSir Robert Brian
 • Total0.01 km2 (0.004 sq mi)
 • Total6

The Queenslandian Capital Territory, is a federal territory of Queensland containing the national capital Helsmariehamn and some surrounding townships. It is located in west Queensland mainland as an enclave completely within the state of Province of Seri Ja'afar. Founded after Federation as the seat of government for the new nation, the territory hosts the headquarters of all important institutions of the Queensland Government.

Administrative divisions

Provincial government

The province is divided into 1 districts.
1. Helsmariehamn District