God Bless the Queensland

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God Bless the Queensland

National anthem of

LyricsQueensland does not write lyrics.
Musicadapted by Adrianus Valerius, composer of original unknown, 1568
Adopted28 March 2021

instrumental version

God Blees the Queensland It is the national anthem that was proclaimed one year after Queensland gained independence. Queensland originally used the UK national anthem "God save the Queen" as the national anthem. Until 26 December 2015, the government passed a resolution to hold a referendum on the selection of the national anthem. Two national anthem songs are offered: 1. "L-Innu Malti", the national anthem of Malta and 2. "Amhrán na bhFiann", the national anthem of Ireland. As a result of the resolution people chose "L-Innu Malti" as the national anthem. And the public agreed that "No need to compose lyrics" using only uses the Maltese national anthem melody as the Queensland anthem. Announced on January 3, 2016, which marks the one-year anniversary of the independence day and 28 March 2021 the government issued the revised version of the National Anthem Act 0721, changing the melody of the national anthem. Originally, the melody of the Maltese national anthem "L-Innu Malti" was replaced with the national anthem of the Netherlands. "Wilhelmus"